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Wed Aug 05, 2015 0:27
Forum: Unofficial Keen Games
Topic: Atroxian Realm
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How does one go about helping you test? IRC/email? I love the title screen funnily enough, it imparts a great sense of foreboding adventure in my mind.
Wed Aug 05, 2015 0:23
Forum: Official Keen Games
Topic: Should I add depixelizing filter to my videos?
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Paramultart wrote:Filtering is blasphemy.

The first thing I do when I play any sourceport of any FPS (like Quake, Doom, et cetera) is turn off the turd-awful filtering.

Same here, filtering takes a nice sharp image and makes it look disgusting. Even the supposedly advanced filters look awful to me.
Tue Aug 04, 2015 4:18
Forum: Release Forum
Topic: AbiatharOS - For Keening on the go!
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I'm really fascinated by the idea of a minimal OS with key tools preinstalled. Cool idea, I wish it was more common.
Tue Aug 04, 2015 4:16
Forum: Release Forum
Topic: Morticore is finally released!
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This was so well put together, I really enjoyed it. You've got real talent! :dopefish