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by Benvolio
Thu Jul 29, 2021 6:38
Forum: The Theater
Topic: Ooh-ooh Witchy Woman!
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Re: Ooh-ooh Witchy Woman!

The introductory riff in "I Can't Tell You Why" (the best Eagles song) could also work as Keen music in a way.

Not sure if anyone ever made a midi of it.
by Benvolio
Tue Jul 13, 2021 9:46
Forum: Miscellaneous
Topic: Corrupt A Wish game
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Re: Corrupt A Wish game

If you have decided you should, and have proceded with making that wish, then granted: all the posts in the thread were made by your numerous sockpuppets and therefore you've spent years just talking to yourself. What's worse, you get caught out for having sockpuppets but it transpires the whole for...
by Benvolio
Sun Jul 11, 2021 22:44
Forum: The Classics
Topic: Running Windows 95 Games On a Modern OS
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Re: Running Windows 95 Games On a Modern OS

It would be nice if Dosbox ran 95 natively. It does a great job with 3.11 which is incredibly good fun. Never tried 95. Would really love to hear how you achieve it if you do.
by Benvolio
Wed Jul 07, 2021 6:36
Forum: Official Keen Games
Topic: Your most memorable level or place in Keen?
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Re: Your most memorable level or place in Keen?

I really loved the Keen6 Demo too. The music from both Guard Post One (which I managed to successfully suggest Scifidelity Orchestra to cover) and Bloogton Manufacturing carries such nostalgia for me. Prior to playing Keen6 Demo, I had no idea what a demo would entail and sort of imagined a recorded...
by Benvolio
Mon Jul 05, 2021 22:14
Forum: The Theater
Topic: What Music Are You Listening To?
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Re: What Music Are You Listening To?

My foreign country is the past.... give me 1930s America, 1960s Britain, 1970s America, 1980s/90s Britain... well you probably notice a pattern... Ignoring the 21st century is my modus operandi. The proponents of culture in this millenium that I respect are mostly members of this forum... and a hand...
by Benvolio
Tue Jun 22, 2021 6:00
Forum: Official Keen Games
Topic: Vortiville jump
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Re: Vortiville jump

Haven't played Keen3 in a very long time now. But this looks like a Benvolio jump to me. You know, the ones everyone hates because of the millimetre-perfect precision required to execute.
by Benvolio
Thu Jun 03, 2021 22:38
Forum: Other Keen Stuff
Topic: My keen childhood "trauma"
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Re: My keen childhood "trauma"

Gargs were definitely the most frightening. I too did the shooting into tunnels thing for a long time. Those gargs with their at first seemingly unpredictable jumping, and sudden rapid movements, play tricks on the brain and get those adrenal medullae pumping. I think that other Keen enemies are no ...
by Benvolio
Wed May 12, 2021 7:00
Forum: Miscellaneous
Topic: Wiby - Search Engine for the Classic Web
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Re: Wiby - Search Engine for the Classic Web

This is quite interesting. I'm guessing it is in its early days basing on the search results I have obtained for other search strings. The results for "Commander Keen" for instance are much more well populated than "Chemical Brothers" which was the next thing that popped into my ...
by Benvolio
Wed Apr 21, 2021 17:18
Forum: Miscellaneous
Topic: Almost 8 years
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Re: Almost 8 years

Hello and welcome back! Keen and its community are always there to be revisited in one's times of need!
by Benvolio
Thu Apr 08, 2021 18:30
Forum: Unofficial Keen Games
Topic: Return to the Shadowlands
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Re: Return to the Shadowlands

I'd be interested in doing a little music. I've never composed tracks for Keen. But seeing as you mention midi files, these are something I could give a stab at. Are there any particular limitations i.e. number of tracks in the song, instruments, length? If a midi file was provided would that be som...
by Benvolio
Thu Apr 01, 2021 18:12
Forum: Other Keen Stuff
Topic: Commander Keen Collection (floppy disks, mail orders etc)
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Re: Commander Keen Collection (floppy disks, mail orders etc)

Very cool item. The fact it contains one of the non shareware episodes automatically increases fascination
by Benvolio
Wed Mar 31, 2021 6:08
Forum: Official Keen Games
Topic: Goodbye Galaxy Report Card
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Re: Goodbye Galaxy Report Card

This is neat! The original Keen was just a lark Lol it's dominated much of my life. I guess life in general is a lark. I'm glad they stuck with EGA for Keen, even if it wasn't necessarily their preference. I just love all the talk of downloads, it simultaneously connects us to that time and disconne...
by Benvolio
Tue Mar 30, 2021 16:20
Forum: Miscellaneous
Topic: Happy Birthday to me
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Re: Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday, DarkAle!

I hope you celebrate with a Pale Ale.
by Benvolio
Sun Mar 28, 2021 20:59
Forum: Release Forum
Topic: Release of my unfinished mods - "Botafloria" and "Mura"
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Re: Release of my unfinished mods - "Botafloria" and "Mura"

Keenwiki wrote:Nisaba is also known for picking up abandoned and unfinished mod attempts.
Even if Nospike does as you suggest... perhaps it's time you delve into some Vorticons work of your own Nisaba! I can imagine you'll do an excellent job.