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by Wallachian
Wed Dec 23, 2015 21:13
Forum: Unofficial Keen Games
Topic: Suburb Shenanigans
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Is the project abandoned? Man, i was really looking forward to this!
by Wallachian
Sat May 31, 2014 13:44
Forum: Release Forum
Topic: I made a mod - Keen episode 59: Underworld Ultimate!
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I suffer that very strange save bug which someone else mentioned. It works OK before Understream. But after that, if i want to load in-level save, level-entrence box appear and then nothing else happens, just black screen with no sound whatsoever. Because of that, it's merely playable. Due to diffic...
by Wallachian
Sun Nov 03, 2013 14:15
Forum: Release Forum
Topic: Keen 9.5: The Eight Accumulators
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This levelpack is really good, Bubbatom. Do you know what i like the most? Simplicity. It's really refereshing and fun to play. Everytime i know what i am doing. You exactly know when you have two paths to choose. When you walk to some area, you know that you need keygem and to get it, you have to a...
by Wallachian
Sun Oct 20, 2013 20:13
Forum: Release Forum
Topic: Terror from Outer Space
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Like Doomjedi, i will compare this mod to another masterpiece, Bernie's "The ruin of Roib". Art and overall atmosphere is weaker, but it isn't a big issue, because it's still above average. Bernie is a unbeatable master when it comes to design and mood (i think it's mod with best atmosphere i have e...
by Wallachian
Fri Jun 21, 2013 17:01
Forum: Release Forum
Topic: Updated- 'The Ruin of Roib' - beta v3
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Wow, are you really the B.P.R.D. who made Grove, Equinox and that green map in community chest? Your mods and maps are awesome, man! Actually, music and mood in "Ploh" and "Hermit's shack" (is that you inside the shack?) reminded me similiar atmosphere in "Grove" and in first map of Equinox (that pi...