Warp zone in Well of Wishes

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Warp zone in Well of Wishes

Post by proYorp »

So I go into the Well of Wishes real quick just to take a look at where the level spawn is, and I want to check how close it is to the edge of the level so I noclip my way into the left wall. As I get to the edge of the level boundary, I notice that the Schoolfish, instead of following me up against the left wall, turns around and starts pressing against the right wall instead. And I think, "Well that's odd. Does going outside the level boundary teleport me to the other side of the level?" So I turn on the DOSBox recorder....

Look at this:

In this clip about 30 seconds in I decide to see how far I can push this, so I turn on God Mode and start holding down the left arrow to go as far outside the level as I can.

Sure enough... after a minute the camera flies across the whole level and I come out on the other side! Though I have to keep holding left for a while before I actually come out of the wall.

But there's more! :O I wanted to see what would happen if I tried to go back the way I came. After some more messing around I restarted the level and recorded a new video:

Once I got through to the right side of the level again, I brought a Schoolfish up to the wall to see how it would behave from this side. Strangely, it didn't turn around when I went outside the level from here (except for when it maneuvered around a block in its way).

Also, why am I collecting points out there? Where am I?! Is it random memory data out there? Are there points in that?

Finally, I reached the point of teleportation and confirmed that the warp works both ways.

This can't be the first time someone has found this, but it doesn't seem to be documented anywhere. A quick search on here doesn't turn up anything and it's not on KeenWiki's list of bugs. It seems similar to the warp in the sky of Lifewater Oasis (which seems like it could have been intended to be used to actually reach the lifewater), and I guess that's what made me suspect teleportation here.

People who reverse-engineered the source code, what is this? An unused feature? An overflow error?
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Re: Warp zone in Well of Wishes

Post by The Shifted One »

This sounds like an old fashioned screen wrap to me.
The coordinates that store Keens location probably reset when/before overflowing.
The same thing happens on the world map of Keen 6 which as a kid I thought was done on purpose so the planet would feel round/spherical... :crazy

The point collecting is interesting though.
I don't know if that's (garbage) memory being read or the screen not properly drawing Keens position.
Someone better educated on the subject can probably explain that.
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Re: Warp zone in Well of Wishes

Post by Soul Monster »

Just watched the videos you uploaded a few days ago, and I never even knew about this until you mentioned it.

I'm not sure how I could replicate this and unfortunately I didn't get it on video, but I just played through the Well of Wishes and I came across a similar glitch where a Dopefish was being warped to other parts of the level in a similar way, only it was passing through walls and being dropped off at another part of the level where it could fit.

(By the way, I really enjoy your channel, Proyorp. I like you gameplayy videos and how you keep the commentary text-based like it used to be on Youtube.)
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