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Keen Hint Sheets

Posted: Mon Sep 13, 2021 15:13
by Hoogleboogle
My family bought the Vorticons trilogy when I was a kid. My sister and I played together and did manage to finish all three of the games.

The disks arrived with a printed copy of the Vorticons hint sheet. ... Vorticons).

The Keen Wiki has an extraction of the text and a scanned image of a printed hint sheet. Interestingly, the hint sheet that came with our disks had different wording than that sheet. I found a PDF of our version on DosGames with the visual appearance and text that I remember:

Page 1: ... ge%201.pdf

Page 2: ... ge%202.pdf

The only reason I recall the text being different is because I was having a laugh at my child self. You see, when using the shift-tab cheat to skip a level, I would actually whisper 'next time i will try harder' aloud as instructed by the hint sheet. So I was surprised when I looked on the wiki and didn't see those words on the hint sheet. That led me to search google for 'Keen "next time I will try harder"' and found the alternative version on dosgames.

I also notice the number for the Commaner 'Keen Hints Line' is different between the sheets (0614 vs 5655). My version tells callers to "Ask for Scott". Who was Scott? And did anyone ever call the keen hint line? Who did you speak to and what did they say?

Re: Keen Hint Sheets

Posted: Tue Sep 14, 2021 19:12
by Calvero
Scott Miller, probably.