Commander Keen 1's 21st birthday!

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Commander Keen 1's 21st birthday!

Post by ZidaneA »

Commander Keen 1 is 21 years old. I thought it deserved it's own thread. As Tom Hall himself said, the game can now drink!

Happy Birthday Commander Keen 1! :D


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Post by Flaose »


Worth blowing out candles for!
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Post by DHeadshot »

:birthday Happy Birthday Keen!
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Post by StupidBunny »

If I didn't have a paper to go write I'd draw up an emotikeen with a bierstein or something. In either event, happy 21st! (Of course for many of the folks here Keen has been able to drink for a few years now already...)

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Post by Commander Spleen »

This is cause for :disguised

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Post by TzortzinaErk »

Happy Birthday Keen! :D :birthday

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Post by Roger_Klotz »

I know I'm late to the party, but I just wanted to say that I'm surprised it's been that long. Time sure flies. Commander Keen is still awesome in my book!
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