Tom Hall making Commander Keen successor + Game Editor

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Goodness gracious me!!

This is very odd! But quite cool I guess, if not quite my cup of tea. It has suggestions of a classic quirky story pretext, though it would be hard to beat Billy and his Megarocket. It seems slightly more infantile... 'bumbledybots'... as opposed to Keen1 which had fairly solid sprites designed in an era when, I can only imagine, the 0-10 age group was a smaller percentage of computer users than they are now. The characters look quite cartoonish (we saw few detailed representations of what Keen looked like especially in the Vorticons trilogy), a lot like what we see on TV. I'm reminded of Futurama as well as a whole host of kiddies toons.

So he wants to make something communally modifiable?? MAybe he got a touch of inspiration from all of us. Although, I can only imagine that the overlap between Keen modders and Worlds of Wander modifiers/contributors might be a small %. But, heck, I like the ethos!

So his sample graphics... well to be honest they seem quite similar to a lot of previous 256+ colour games, but then of course I must remind myself, this is before the project has been funded let alone completed. So good things can well be expected.

It looks like Tom and co are already having a lot of fun. Long may it last, and I just hope that the advancing 21st century still has the wherewithal to conjure up the magic of 1990-1993 era PC games!!!
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Seems quite a bit like Keen. Perhaps there's a way to substitute graphics with your own... to make it even more like Keen!

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guynietoren wrote:Perhaps there's a way to substitute graphics with your own... to make it even more like Keen!
Now THAT would seriously get me super excited!
EDIT: Perhaps there's info about that on the kickstarter page...
Ah ha! Scrolling way down to the FAQ section, there's the question: "Will people be able to use their own art?"
The Answer!
Pieces of Fun wrote:That will be part of the community. On one hand, I don't want this to be a free-for-all "MySpace" -- but we will set up something where people can locally use art packs / trade them or apply to have them be available publicly in-game, rated like the levels/worlds are. So yes, just want the games to always look great for the official in-game content.

But we do want to empower awesome artists, so we will have a developer area where experienced artists can make complete art packs.
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Now THIS looks super exciting. Not terribly crazed about the game creation tools, since I program my own engines and stuff, but a game created by Tom Hall as a spiritual successor to Keen? Aww, yeah.

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