Your most memorable level or place in Keen?

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Re: Your most memorable level or place in Keen?

Post by Stealthy71088 »

Pretty much all of Keen 4.

The first Commander Keen creature I saw was the bounder. I was 6. I've liked happy faces and cute things ever since.

I loved the secret area in Border Village. It was such a weird place compared to the rest of the game.

I also really liked Crystalus. My late uncle, who introduced me to Commander Keen, had to show me how to get the blue key, I couldn't figure out how to get it. (at the age of 6)

Miragia was fun to play and explore in.

I liked seeing the scary monsters from a safe distance - the arachnoids, berkeloids, and rimrocks, and wondering how to get by them.

Trying to shoot wormmouths at point blank range as a self-dare....only to discover they were shootable.

Dropping stunned slugs down the trap door in the tar pits

Well of Wishes Dopefish....need I say more? :dopefish
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Re: Your most memorable level or place in Keen?

Post by StarlightSupernova »

Keen 4!
So many parts of this game are memorable! But i think my favorite moment was getting that "almost impossible" life water in pyramid of the gnosticene ancients up in the top left above the dead knife shooter without cheating... hint: use the platform with the switch, not the higher one, and use pogo trick (it's not easy but it can be done!) Grab the ledge, stand and quickly move to the right or it will drop u into the dead knife shooter... now if there was only a way to get the ones in lifewater oasis without cheating lol

Love this game!
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Re: Your most memorable level or place in Keen?

Post by Lower IQ than 314 »

I'm gonna have to go with the Well of Wishes on this one. It's not my favorite level, but it was such an unexpected change from the usual gameplay, and introduced such a memorable enemy in the Dopefish that I typically save it for last whenever I replay Keen 4.

With Keen 5, it'd have to be the Neutrino Burst Injector. The first time I played the game, it was on easy, and that level was the first to introduce the Shikadi and bouncing Slicestars, which little me was not prepared for... :dead

Keen 6 has Bloogton Manufacturing from the demo, mostly for its music. You could tell Bobby Prince was getting in touch with his inner Trent Reznor when he composed "Please Don't Metal with Me!"
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Re: Your most memorable level or place in Keen?

Post by FaceLaces »

I think mine might have to be either Guard Post 1 or the Space Station Levels (which are all in Keen 6). As a kid I would rarely play it legitimately and would use Jump Cheat and God Mode almost everywhere. I suppose just exploring those areas with the music for myself stuck with me all these years.
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Re: Your most memorable level or place in Keen?

Post by FribbulusXaxMan »

Hisymak wrote: Mon Jan 28, 2019 18:32 For me, it is the Cave of the Descendents from Keen4, namely the secret area which contains two 1UPs hidden it it and which cannot be escaped in other way than dying.
As a kid, I had really plenty of time to spend playing computer games, and I was always very curious about some special corner cases in games, and wanting to see how the game would react in such case. One case would be getting more than 99 lives in Commander Keen - I was just curious how the game would react, when it can display only up to 99 lives on both the status bar and status screen.
So I figured out that the easiest way to collect infinite lives would be to go to the Cave of the Descendents, jump into the secret with two lives, kill myslef and restart level, and... repeat this process as many times in order to get more than 99 lives. And in order to speed up the process, I was playing through the level to get some Raindrops as well, which would give me some extra lives too. So I remember playing through big part of the level for many, many times, getting really familiar with each single place in that level.
In the end, I eventually collected 99 lives and even more, but the game did not react in any special way (as I probably expected, something like showing some message or animation or crashing, or this kind of thing). It just displayed 99 lives but internally was counting more lives. I remember being just a very little disappointed, but on the other hand also satisfied for managing such thing. That was before knowing about cheat codes, after knowing them, getting 99 lives was just a matter of using some cheats to get 99 lives within less than a minute. Ugh...
Still, the level Cave of the Descendents was one of my most favourite because of the mysterious feeling (I always thought it was very deep under ground) and lot of interesting secret areas in it.
The Dopefish level, by far. Also, the final level of Keen 6, with its bizarre landscape and even stranger music.
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