Commander Keen Mobile Reboot

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Re: Commander Keen Mobile Reboot

Post by Benvolio »

Bonevelous wrote:doohickys
Are you LGR?? :p

But yes in all seriousness, this mobile game looks egregious and, frankly, I'm glad it's unavailable in my country.

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Re: Commander Keen Mobile Reboot

Post by RoboBlue »

I really wanted to give it a try, but it's still not available in the US.

I don't understand why they bothered to put so much money into an impressive-looking promotion at E3 if it wasn't even going to come out in this country.

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Re: Commander Keen Mobile Reboot

Post by Keening_Product »

Nintendo released Animal Crossing Pocket Camp in Australia a good, what, six months before the rest of the world to iron out bugs and see what people thought of it. Not sure how long it has been for Keen Mobile (very easy for me to find out, I know, but that's not the point) but I assume the end goal is a smooth release in other parts of the world.
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Re: Commander Keen Mobile Reboot

Post by Roobar »

They put so much money for a global release, of course. But they didn't expected a backlash.

The game was planned for release in the summer of 2019. And I believe it was almost done at the time of the announcement. What I think happened is that they saw the massive backlash from the fans. So what did they do? They decided to shut up and not communicate with the fans. A bad decision.

Then, they decided to delay the release thinking fans will calm down. And yeah, few months later, no one was talking about it anymore. Fans wanted to forget it's existence. That would've been the right decision, if in the meantime they remade the game to something actually good. But they didn't. They already poured some money into it and they decided to just postpone the release, which is another bad move.

Then, in November 2019, they figured it's time to release it, but in just a few countries. Just to "test" the waters and see what reception and reactions the game will get. The idea behind this being not bringing back the backlash all over again. Clearly someone in Bethesda still believed that they got a good game that will make money despite all that. And presenting it to people that are unaware of the franchise would prove that. Well, the release really didn't brought attention and nobody noticed mostly because it was never released in the US or Europe, that's true. But the few reviews and opinions from those who were able to download and play it proved the game is trash. And this should have taught them a lesson. But judging by their comments, lesson was never learned. They didn't step backward by acknowledging that they made some mistakes. Instead, they were acting like they are going to release it in this form whether people like it or not. Yet another bad decision.

But since the reception didn't went well, I think they postponed the global release. From that point onward they went silent. Whether they have finally realized that their game is trash or not, we don't know. Maybe they know it's not ready and that's why it's not released worldwide. Or maybe they have decided to actually make it good? Not likely... Fixed the bugs? Plausible. Or maybe they left it as is and abandon it? Who knows... They still don't want to answer questions from fans.

At this point, since it's not available worldwide and they're not communicating with fans, we should forget about it, until they decide to do something with it again. For now it's worthless digging much more into this topic.
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Re: Commander Keen Mobile Reboot

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