How did you find Keen?

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Re: How did you find Keen?

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I was around 5 years old, when my older sister got some PC-DOS games on floppy discs from her friend next-door. Among the games were Disney's Aladdin, Lion King (both from 1994), Keen 4 and 5. I don't recall my sister being too excited about the games, but I was hooked. I played through both Keens, and I remember being super-excited about the Keen 6 previews included at the end of Keen 5, I think. I remember a picture of the Blooguard and another one of the Bloogdome . I remember thinking the Bloogdome was a creature the size of Robo Red (I'm so disappointed that was not the case!), I had no idea it was just the entrance to a level :lol Later I got Keen 1-3 on a floppy disc as well, I don't remember where we got them, though. Even later I got Keen Dreams and Keen 6, probably through some...questionable channels... (*cough*Limewire*cough*), and even even later I found the mods (somewhere around 2007 I think). The first mod I played was Ceilick's Keys of Krodacia. I remember its sequel, Dead in the Desert, wasn't even around back then! Man, time flies. But Keen has been forever imprinted in my heart. The Keen games and many of the mods are some of the best platformers I know.
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