keen 6 and keen dreams

Here, you can get help with anything or just chat about the original Commander Keen games.
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Re: keen 6 and keen dreams

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IceDuck347 wrote: Tue May 25, 2021 3:06I've been widely criticized and threatened with being banned for innocently posting a link to the whole collection of keen games.
The Forum Rules are pretty clear on this topic:
Don't link to piracy sites or illegal downloads.
And you actually mentioned getting banned in the very first post you ever made on the pckf:
IceDuck347 wrote: Tue Oct 25, 2016 21:29(as you can see, i was SIX) so the ONLY think i posted in the forum was a whole of stupid things (repeat, i was SIX) so you OBVIOUSLY get me banned out from the forum.
If you have a history like that and then go on to post something that violates the forum rules and act like it's nothing to be concerned about, you increase the risk of getting banned (again). I don't think anybody ever actually "threatened" you. I was genuinely concerned that your disregard of the forum rules could get you banned. And that wouldn't be helping you, nor would it help us keep this community alive.

Anybody who has half a brain can figure out how and where to find illegal copies of the Keen games. There is no need to post links to them. The chances of any legal action taken againt this forum because of such links are probably pretty slim, but if the people in charge of the forum have decided that you shouldn't post such links, then you should show them some respect and not do that. After all, they will be the ones who will have to deal with those legal actions, should there ever be any.

Personally, I don't care where you got your Keen games from. As long as you're having fun, that's fine. Just don't do anything stupid that might end up ruining the fun for the rest of us, okay?
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Re: keen 6 and keen dreams

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Well, when I was six I was a kid, and when I was 13 I was dumb and anxious and liked to fight. I guess my actual self is the one who'll enjoy more this community. Four months away from turning 18 is actually better for me (even though anxiety is still there >: ) I'm more into online communities and so on, so maybe what happened there (I came back and read that old post again) is that I got unjustifiably upset because someone told me what to do. :no

Pd: I'm not like that anymore, but still have problems to get the real intentions of people online :lol
Signed. IceDuck347 Have a nice day!
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