Commander Keen 64

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Re: Commander Keen 64

Post by Nisaba »

Lava89 wrote:
Sun Apr 23, 2017 19:49
Thanks for the feedback, but I'm still pretty sure that you can't direct link anymore. I took your advice and with a zip file in my public folder, I right clicked and did "share", then I created a public link and this is what I got (I tested it on an old beta of Keen64): ...

And without "?dl=0" : ...

Both of these links force you to go through their web interface, which will work fine for linking zips and archives, but I'm not so sure it will work with direct linking stuff like browser games, like I could before with Unity.

Images won't display either:


Also, do you happen to have a pro Dropbox account? If so, that might be why yours is different-- I'm just using the free one.
there are some workarounds to solve these kind of issues.

?dl=1 is the key: ...

for images try this: ... a.png?dl=0

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Commander Keen 64: Unity Build 3.5

Post by Lava89 »

Hey, that did the trick! Thanks Nisbala!

Unfortunately Dropbox is still giving me grief about HTML files aaaaand Unity changed their web player to WebGL, but a combination of GitHub and this great Git HMTL Previewer seems to do the trick (at least as a free solution). But I'll probably keep the standalone Windows and Linux builds on dropbox.

Images will be spread between ImgBB and Dropbox from now on :)

I just released a new build of my Unity Prototype (but the new Keen model is still a few releases down the road!)


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Commander Keen 64

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Thats right folks 20 years ago today Commander Keen Episode 1: Marooned on Mars was released to the public I can hardly believe it Where has the time gone?

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Re: Commander Keen 64

Post by szemi »

How's the progress of this project?
Yeah, piece of cake!

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