The Unofficial TUIT Revision Betas

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lemm wrote:Keen is a real mode game. It can only use conventional memory (and the first 64 KB of extended memory).
I see, thanks for clearing that up!
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Ahh! The pipe tile is Still mising from the BwB! ;)
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Blazed through the unofficial TUIT series some week ago for the first time.
Dunno why I haven't done it until now because it's damn impressive work. Especially Battle Of The Brains.

Thank you everyone involved!
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Has any work been done on this lately? It's been a few months...
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Re: The Unofficial TUIT Revision Betas

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Umm... The Beta was pulled off of the Dropbox. Is there anywhere I can download it from?
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Re: The Unofficial TUIT Revision Betas

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File not found!
Unable to download...
What's happened?
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Re: The Unofficial TUIT Revision Betas

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for stable and up-to-date download links navigate to our beloved KeenWiki:
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Re: The Unofficial TUIT Revision Betas - Enable Cheats

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In order to use F10 cheats, e.g. F10+G GOD mode, you have to enable DEBUG mode (which is disabled by default) -

Keen 7
Open KEEN7.pat
Add the following line: %patch $7AB7 $90 $90

Keen 8
Open DitD.PAT
Add the following line: %patch $784B $90 $90

Keen 9
Open BotB.PAT
Add the following line: %patch $7A72 $90 $90

Use Notepad++ to edit.

Hope this helps everyone!
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