Keen projects in the works?

You can discuss anything about fan-made Commander Keen games here.
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Post by DHeadshot » Mon Dec 19, 2011 15:13

You're welcome to use the Cereal Wiki if you want...
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(Cereal wiki has sadly died)

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Post by GARGapplesauce » Mon Dec 19, 2011 19:17

I agree with Gridlock, a separate section on the KeenWiki would be nice. I think that's the most appropriate place. I mean, I feel like that's what the unofficial keen games section of this forum SHOULD be for, but there's too many other levelpacks and other things in there, and its just become unruly and difficult to browse, with other comments alongside of the actual updates. Hence this being a forum, I suppose, but that's not my point. Plus all of the cancelled projects are in there gathering dust.
DHeadshot wrote: You're welcome to use the Cereal Wiki if you want...
And while we're suddly poking our own websites in, lets not forget who introduced you to wikispaces good sir. :lol
Though admittedly my website's content sucks ass, yours is a lot more funny...
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Post by Lava89 » Mon Dec 19, 2011 21:58

Even though I haven't worked on Keen 64 lately...the project is still alive! :)

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Post by Fleexy » Sat Jan 21, 2012 1:23

I'm not dead!

Let's see... I have a skill-test mod (which is going well, I'm just too lazy to continue working on it, a notebook mod in which you play as a little stick figure (running out of ideas for level design after only two levels), Keen -4 (still in idea/planning/patch-gathering stage), and probably the most epic - EZPATCH (everything is done except one particular section of code that won't behave, also I need help typing out a multimegabyte PDB file).

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Ceilick wrote:Edit: Para's announced it so I'll list it:

Keen: Crisis Earth. This is a Bio Menace mod and probably the project I'm most excited about, possibly due to it's sheer difference from typical Keen gameplay. Between Paramultart, NY00123, and myself, a lot of work has been done and really the only thing holding this project back is a level editor which Mink has/had been working on but with little progress due to complications with the differences between Bio Menace and Keen level formats. If this one is ever completed it's gonna be damn cool.
I knew about this from snooping around on IRC :P

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Post by Keening_Product » Sat Feb 11, 2012 14:04

I'm working on a really small level pack for Keen 4. Don't expect anything spectacular - it isn't!
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Post by DHeadshot » Sat Feb 11, 2012 18:07

I'm wondering if I can do anything more with this. It's a ROM file for a ZX80 emulator that I substituted in the SGA character set (not too difficult) - the Alpha build of what I intended to call "Standard Galactic Computer 80". I had intended to edit the operations a bit to make them more suited to an alien computer, but I never got round to it and probably never will. If you're interested in trying it, you'll need a ZX80 emulator (I use EightyOne - Google it) that can load custom ROMs. Alternatively, if you have a ZX80, an EPROM writer and a soldering iron, you're more than welcome to try building the machine itself, though I accept no responsibility for you ruining a priceless piece of hardware in the process (seriously, the ZX80 sold for £99 on launch, yet a mint condition one now will set you back upwards of £1500!).
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(Cereal wiki has sadly died)

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Post by DoomJedi » Sat Feb 11, 2012 20:09

Commander Spleen wrote:Oh, and let's not forget that the Keen Community Mod is still alive. It's presently dormant, but anyone is welcome to contribute--particularly level designs are required at the moment.
Yeah, I hope this project will get back on track.
Why can't more guys help it? It has great potential.

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Post by Hagel » Wed Feb 15, 2012 17:52

Talking about Keen Projects. I am still planning to improve my Game Engine called "Journey to the Centre of Mars" which is a game strongly inspired by Marooned on Mars.

Using the potential of the game maker I was thinking of some kind of Keen 1 turned into an exploration game with different types of enemies, probably different characters, and lots of cool items that would improve the main character(let's call him keen)`s abilities.

I even thought of some kind of Crossover keen which unites elements of the first three keen games.

But due to the fact that I have been quite occupied with my studies (I study medicine) I hadn't to much time to work on it recently.

It would be great if anybody of you guys could contribute something to my game (sounds, graohic or some cool ideas) to make it more keenish.

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Keen projects in the works?

Post by troublesomekeen » Thu Mar 01, 2012 0:30

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls of all ages!
TroublesomeKeen (that's me) is proudly announcing his (also me) very first Commander Keen (not me) project! Bravo!

Despite my non-stop, blistering attempt to powerhouse the Mod to completion, I look back 1 month later and find that I only have half of the Creatures finished and a few other odds and ends completed (like some Point items). I still have to design the Overworld, new background and foreground tiles and all the levels, not to mention various text stuff like level entry and the Story. So at this rate, I plan to unleash my project on July 4th! Might as well make a end line. Keen Projects seem to be made up of tiny baby steps--and it further seems that there's no way to take those steps in great strides. Anyways, I'll be continuing to pound it out till October 31st. (I already pushed my deadline back!!) So without further ado, it is my great pleasure to proclaim the upcoming mod...

"Commander Keen is... Nowhere to be Seen!" Episode X: The Guardian of Wisdom
Featuring all-new music! New animation and graphics!
Okay... I think I'm done now. Back to splicing and dicing!
*edit* Just found out that there's a different mod called episode X. Oops...
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Post by VikingBoyBilly » Thu Mar 01, 2012 0:32

If you've done all that in a month the progress is already faster than the average keen mod construction.
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