Help with keen mini-mod (AAMBA)

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Help with keen mini-mod (AAMBA)

Post by timmy2160 » Sat Dec 24, 2011 22:01

Hey guys!

Ive just posted this message at Official keen Games brunch by mistake..

I'm having some troubles running the AAMBA mod on DOSBox (v.074). Ive been trying to unlzexe keen6.exe original file but dosbox keeps saying: "out of memory!"

I would very much appreciate your help :p

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Post by NY00123 » Sun Dec 25, 2011 9:08

Hey there,

Welcome to the forums! As for the forum related mistake, that's alright; Good that you've spotted it!

Well, here's a simple solution I've learnt of on a quite late stage for some reason:
Try obtaining a newer version of CKPatch, so you wouldn't even have to use UNLZEXE at all. You basically need to unpack a different version of ck6patch.exe.

Here's a place where you can look for one: ... c9e9bf87a9
As far as I know, one of the "extended" versions should work without UNLZEXE, although other variations might work as well.

Note that you do need the keen6.exe file, from Keen 6 version 1.4 (EGA release).

Thank you for joining the forums! And thanks for trying out AAMBA!

*** Question to the mods: Hmm, on a second thought, I wonder if it'd be better to have these posts in the AAMBA Release thread. I have no idea, though. We'll see...

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