Project Spotlight: RinskeR's Commander Keen 3D

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Project Spotlight: RinskeR's Commander Keen 3D

Post by Lava89 »

I recently stumbled upon a video of a 3D Commander Keen project, I thought you guys might want to check out. It looks like the creator has alot of work done on it already, such as levels and graphics.

I think it would be cool to see this released ( as I would for any ambitious Keen fangame project). I commented on their YouTube "wall" and invited them over here. So hopefully they'll stop by and tell us more about the project. ... ature=plcp

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Post by RinskeR »

Hey Lava89,

It's great that you took interest in our project, I'm amazed someone actually found it. It's a project for school and we probably won't continue working on it.

I do have to say I'm only responsible for the graphics, some fellow students of mine have done a great job on the programming. I'll be sure to send them this link so that they can reply to this too. :)


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Post by Dykam »

Fellow developer here, I can look into the possibility of open-sourcing the project, if my team doesn't mind and the university allows it. I fear it won't though.

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Post by tulip »

nice stoner soundtrack too.

Edit: whoa two replies while I replied, anyways good work guys, I wonder if you'll release the demo even if it won't be completed.
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Post by Paramultart »

Hahahahahahahahahaha, Keen looks so funny. :lol
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