A problem with Super Keen Fighter

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A problem with Super Keen Fighter

Post by krodacian02 »

hello, I want to know how to use special attacks in the super keen fighter. I press the buttons Q + A + Down, but nothing happens. :)

I'll be grateful if anyone can answer


Goodbye :begging
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Post by Flyingmouse »

I'm not sure this is the case (I'm assuming you have the fourth version?), but I've heard some fighting games (seen usually on M.U.G.E.N.) intentionally made impossible button combinations for some special moves, since they only wanted the AI to use them; that might be the case if you meant the summon-type special moves. It's the reason I stay away from Level 8 AI :barf

If you meant the regular special moves, then I think they may be in the help file (Not 100% sure; one of our computers messed up and I lost the game). If someone could provide a list, that'd be nice :)
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Post by Nickssoft »

Characters and Default Controls

Vorticon - they follow you, and can jump very high. Very Dangerous
A- Kick Attack
X- Vorticon Punch

Yorp - These one-eyed green aliens are one of the main inhabitants of Mars.
A- Kick
X- Neck Slingshot
Down A+X - Uses Tounge To Paralyze The Victim (Special Move)

Fleex - The Fleex are amongst the finest engineers in the universe.
A- Claw Stab
X- Claw Grab
Down A+X - Fires Sound Ray (Special Move)

Arachnut - Insane, green, crab-walking creatures with two dangerous mouths
A- Stab
X- Eye Bite
Down X+A - Performs Hidden Bite (Special Move)

Shakadi - Energy beings built the Omegamatic and plan to destroy the galaxy.
A- Kick
X- Electric Punch
Down A+X - Fires Blue Dust Bolt (Special Move)

Garg - These Martians from Mars aren't as friendly or docile as yorps.
A- Kick
X- Eye Whip
Down A+X - Super Run & Bite (Special Move)

Boobus Toober - Sitting in his castle atop Mount Tuberest, Boobus Tuber
brings kids to Tuberia to be his slaves. This big giant potato hops around and is
deadly to the touch. Regular flower power w on't work on this guy.
A- Potato Kick
X- Powerful Potato Punch
Down A+X - Potato Throw (Special Move)

Vortininja - The deadliest fighting force in the galaxy
A- Ninja Kick (or Jump Kick in the Air)
X- Ninja Punch (or Jump Punch in the Air)
Down X+A - Super Fast Ninja Kick (Special Move)

Blooguard - These burly Bloogs have big clubs to bonk their enemies. Even if
they miss, their clubs shake the ground so violently you might get knocked out!
A- Bloogy Kick
X- Hammer Hit
Down A+X - Super Hammer Hit, Paralyzes Opponent (Special Move)

Nospike - These walk around until they find something to charge at.
A- Kick
X- Spike Attack
Down A+X - Super Run Spike (Special Move)

Flect -These yellow fellows have big teeth but their bite isn't the problem!
A- Trick Kick
X- Swift Punch
Down A+X - Ball Throw

Berkeloid - This fiery fella is not to be toyed with. He throws big fireballs
X - Fire Punch (Take Out About 2/10 Damage Per Hit)
Down A+X - Little Fire Throw
Down A+Y - Big Fire Throw (Special Moves)

Poison Slug - The most common inhabitant of the Shadowlands, mean trouble twice
X - Antenna Sting
Down A+X - Lays A Pile of DooDoo, which makes oppenents fly back

Vorticon Grunt- The regular Vorticon.. This One Can Bite!
A - Vorti Kick
X- Votri Punch
Down A+X - Vorticon Bite (Special Move)

Vorticon Warrior Elite - These vorticons are real warriors and capable of running,
jumping and shooting
A - Vorti Kick (In Air Jump Kick, Does More Damage)
X - Vorti Punch
Down A+X - Fire Red Plasma Ray (Special Move)

Dopefish - The second dumbest creature in the universe. They'll eat
anything alive and moving near them, though they prefer heroes
Arrows - Swim Across Screen
X - Dope Bite OR Right
Down X+Y - Fire Dope Bubbles (Special Move)

Garg Despot - Just Recently Took over Mars which includes the Yorps and Gargs.
A - Kick
X - Metal Eye Swing
Down X+A - Fire Super Sound Barrier (Special Move)
Down X+Y - Fires SUPER RAY (Special Move, Strongest Move In the Game)
Down X+B - Garg Charge (Special Move)

Mortimer Android - One Of Mortimers Devices
A- Mortimer Kick
X- Mortimer Punch
B- Fires Mortimers Ray Gun (Special Move)

A- Fire Blue Gun Downwards
X- Fire Ray Gun Out Of Cannon
Y- Super Punch
B- Run And Punch

Mr. 314 - One Of Mortimers Devices
A- Kick
X- Punch
B- Fires Raygun (Special Move)
Complete list of moves for the original cast

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