Commander Keen episode -3: Billy Blaze

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Thank you for all your comments. And I know what you mean Bubbatom. The tiles sure are being a problem.
By the way, the Suburb Shenanigans is a mod that I'm really looking foward to play. It looks so amazing.

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Pretty cool. The way depth is used is intuitive in my opinion and I never had problems with it. I'm impressed by the look and feel of the house and the city. Also, so funny to get killed by girls wielding tennis rackets and using pogos after all the lethal space aliens and robots. :)
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It strikes me that there are quite a few 'urban Keen' projects under development this year. It will be interesting to compare. (And then steal ideas from everyone to improve my own work.)
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Ah, can sombody put this on the KeenWiki or dropbox it? Mega isn't working for me.

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Commander Keen in... Canteloupe Quest!

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