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Commander Keen wrote:
chrissifniotis wrote:Bloody Nora! I've got to see that. Someone get Keen on the Wii!
I already run all the Keen games on my Wii using DOSBox Wii.
:O *head explodes* :bloody


Game Over

(I'll look for that tonight.)

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Nospike wrote:So Keen having a Wii is canon then? :p
I guess so. :p

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Post by Flaose »

From this point on, the topic got derailed by discussion on the legality of Wii modding. It was interesting, so it continues here: viewtopic.php?p=60383

Man, I sure was disappointed that the Kickstarter wasn't successful...
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Man I wish I found out about this sooner, I would have definitely made a pledge. Tom Hall, if you're still there, your game has stood the test of time more than any other game I have ever known, for me and clearly many others. I am sincerely disappointed the kickstarter didn't reach its goal and I hope you don't give up because your idea is top notch and I expect no less than great things from the creator of Commander Keen.

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