Commander Keen: School's Out

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Commander Keen: School's Out

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About 12 years ago, I decided to create a little fangame called Commander Keen: School's Out. It was my first venture into video game creation, I was 13 yrs old, I killed an entire summer doing it. For laughs, I decided to Google it, and was quite surprised it still exists on many websites to this day. So I'd like to personally thank everyone for supporting this little turd of a game after all these years - It really gave me the pick up I needed this evening. Here's to hoping many more years of hosting for this game, in hopes of inspiring future generations of people who thought they could never make something somewhat worthwhile.

If anyone is wondering, I'm 25 now. I live in California and serve in the US Air Force as a Refueling Maintainer. I served 6 months in Operation Iraqi Freedom (Baghdad 09-10) and am poised to serve in Qutar in August. Next year, I plan to go to school full time for graphic design in hopes of creating the next generation of video games. Thank you for all your support over the years! Im off to my Bean-and-Bacon Megarocket, until next time!

Roach (Link Templeton)

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Well said, and well programmed.
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Good on ya, man. Thanks for the classic fangame and the service to our country. Keep making it happen, and we look forward to seeing the name Link in the video game industry of the future (Zelda pun unintended but unavoidable).

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