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haha, exactly.... :dead2

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Henrock431 wrote:Yeah unfortunately I started the project using GM5 and it doesn't convert well to version 8. The new Game Maker HTML5 does look pretty interesting though!
Keep on working Henrock! Your mod was quite fun. I´ve been using the newest version of Game maker but when i tried to convert some of my older projects to html5 it didn´t work. Just write me a personal message if you´d need some assistance programming in game maker, best wishes, hagel!

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Sorry for the bump, but anyone has the latest version of this?

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CKeen wrote:Sorry for the bump, but anyone has the latest version of this?
It may not be exactly what you desire, but I do seem to have *some* version of that (probably the first).

NOTE: Everybody should assume this is a kind-of-quick-upload *temporary* link. Maybe I won't remove it soon, but there are also chances that it'll happen.


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Alpha 5 is also up on the KeenWiki. It was the only version that I could find on the internet (so it's nice to get this older version too).
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