Keen mods by year

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Keen mods by year

Post by Quillax »

As it's been about 13 years since modding begun, I decided to count how many mods did each year get (though, I excluded 2015), and here's how many we got per year (hopefully with no human errors):

2002: 6
2003: 11
2004: 25
2005: 32
2006: 5
2007: 8
2008: 10
2009: 20
2010: 18
2011: 17
2012: 12
2013: 15
2014: 14

(Please note that I'm counting the mods by using the KeenWiki, so please let me know if I am missing any mods)

Let's see if we make 2015 another 2005 (but remember, quality, not quantity)!
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Post by Roobar »

I'm surprised that there are so many! Do these numbers include different versions of similar mods, like the ones that have alphas, betas, demos etc?

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Post by KeenRush »

That many? :eek Cool.
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Post by troublesomekeen »

I'm sure not all mods are listed on the wiki. I should probably add entries to whatever mods are missing... :dead
Good work, Quinton!
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Post by VikingBoyBilly »

I know lots of secret mods.
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Post by StupidBunny »

VikingBoyBilly wrote:I know lots of secret mods.
I know mods that are only accessible using W+F10

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Post by tulip »

Interesting list. Gut feeling would have told me something similar for the peak years, but I am also surprised that it didn't really decline that much in the recent years.
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Post by Ceilick »

Man, what happened in 2006. I was thinking galaxy modding, but that was available in 2004.

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Post by Paramultart »

We should break all records with 2015.

Alright, everybody... MOD... MOD... MOD!!!
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