Keen 4 Plus!

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Keen 4 Plus!

Post by gerstrong »


I have taken the "Pyramid of Allowed" mod and created another Keen 4 which I want to call Keen 4 Plus. With that one you get some better and new tunes, updated tile graphics and a new level for a fresher experience.

You will have to play this on Commander Genius since it has graphics with more colors. Check out the video: ...

Not sure yet, but I might publish it on our game center. Special thanks for that great mod and the work everybody has been investing for such great games.

As you can see the next Commander Genius has finally the pages for reading story, so the finale text will work as you know from the original. Also the scrolling Text is starting to work.

Enjoy the video.
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Re: Keen 4 Plus!

Post by Levellass »

Interesting video, but I'm strictly old school.
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Re: Keen 4 Plus!

Post by Quillax »

I checked out the video, and it looks pretty interesting! I like how the tiles look and the fact that you decided to add a new level in it. Also, it's nice to see that CG will finally be able to display story pages. :D Though, I'd like to point out that the Licks don't seem to go after Keen, even though they do so in the original game.
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