Early Atroxian Realm Sequel Thoughts

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How do you feel about a full Atroxian Realm sequel?

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Re: Early Atroxian Realm Sequel Thoughts

Post by troublesomekeen » Fri Jan 04, 2019 8:20

Maybe Princess Lindsey is the Tooth Fairy. She seems to have a connection to Three-Tooth Lake in that one of her hints is the location of the Swim Gear. The gear is located in Miragia so perhaps her royal city is one of those peculiar semi-invisible places that you can only see if you stand at the perfect angle. Maybe it's actually her own swim gear and she was letting it out to dry.
On the other hand, perhaps the reason she floats is because she's backwards, like how Merlin from the stage play Camelot ages in reverse (he gets younger as time goes on), Princess Lindsey swims/floats in the open air as if it were water, but sinks like a stone in water as if it were air. She's got a crown and she's got a wand. All she's missing is a giant ankh bubble and she could be the Witch of the North from Wizard of Oz.
I wonder what Tom Hall would do with Lindsey if she was involved in another game. I'd like the Lindsey expansion to be taken not-too-seriously, with that quirky humor and (tongue-in-)cheek-iness. Nothing totally bonkers but something that makes you roll your eyes and facepalm while grinning from ear to ear.
She doesn't seem to be 'in' with the whole Gnosti-scene. I think her primary duty is to grant the wishes of those courageous adventurers who take the plunge into the Dopefish-infested icy blue waters of Three-Tooth Lake to have their prayers answered at the Well of Wishes. Of course she wouldn't outright tell anyone to make a wish at the Wishing Well. That would be like calling a cab to get to a taxi. If she is the Tooth Fairy, then her domain extends to Earth which wouldn't be a problem. Those Miragia portals can disappear and reappear in a different place altogether--maybe even a different world. And because there's teleportation going on, the time-stream would be bending hither and thither, much like how Santa Claus has enough time to visit every house on Christmas Eve.
If I were to make a Lindsey mod, I'm not sure what I would do. I'd probably puzzle over it and keep puzzling and never actually make it.
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