Mr. Black's Levelpack, Fire Island

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Mr. Black's Levelpack, Fire Island

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How to get down to the platform switcher at the right end of the level? When I jump off the screen, I can't get down to the switcher. Once I've made it, but then I couldn't get back to the surface... Please help! What's the solution?

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Re: Mr. Black's Levelpack, Fire Island

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This one is tricky, and dangerous. If you're low on ammo (which is the name of this particular game), then it's going to be worth it.
Be sure to save if you have the nerves and/or pins & needles.

You must first find the secret switch in the sky. It's in the far left upper corner of the level above the Red Gem. This will close a certain bridge.
Now you must find the secret entrance which is guarded by the last Berkeloid in the level (who is also guarding the Oracle). Here's a few pictures:

Commander Keen in... Canteloupe Quest!

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