Revenge of Mortimer is 5 years old today!

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Revenge of Mortimer is 5 years old today!

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Happy Keen Day, everybody! :birthday

So, anyone remember that back in 2014, my father released the Revenge of Mortimer trilogy? Well, today is the fifth anniversary of the trilogy! I just put up a news update on my site, part of which talks about the fifth anniversary of the three mods, which I'll quote here since I don't feel like typing a bunch of text that has the same meaning at the end:
Today's every Commander Keen fan's favorite day: Keen Day! So, before I say anything else, I'd like to quick say 'Happy Keen Day!' to all of you, and there, I said it!

Ever since 2014, I've released at least one Keen mod. Well, that's until this year's Keen Day, where I don't have a Keen mod to release today. Don't go, though, because I'd like to take a look back to good ol' '14, which was when my father released the Revenge of Mortimer trilogy! They weren't my first mods, but they were my first ones to be uploaded to the Internet. Besides, isn't the fact that not one, but THREE mods released at the same time very cool? (Well, okay, I wasn't really the first one to do that, but still!)

If you love math, you may notice that it's been 5 years since the release of the Revenge of Mortimer trilogy! *insert party noises* Now, I don't know about you, but to me, it's amazing that it's been out for that long! A couple days ago, I actually did a drawing about the trilogy's fifth anniversary:

Want a bigger version? I think these yellow letters bring you something like that.

All of my mods are special to me in some way, but the Revenge of Mortimer trilogy is special in ways that my other mods don't have. Never forget about your first (after all, I still remember a lot of the old drawings I did as a little kid, haha)!
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Re: Revenge of Mortimer is 5 years old today!

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That was truly a BIG event. The Quinton introduction made quite a splash. Certain Keen Days have been so bonkers that they required an additional thread just to re-cap it all. Good work, Quillax. You've already made some of the most beloved mods ever.
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