Stupid References are stupid

This is where you can post your Commander Keen related stories, artwork, or other stuff that is related to Commander Keen but otherwise doesn't belong in another forum.
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Re: Stupid References are stupid

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The second "S" in the MS DOS logo is definitely a Keen 4 inchworm
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Re: Stupid References are stupid

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In The Thief and the Cobbler, the main character Tack kind of looks like Keen, especially in the beginning:

proYorp wrote: Sat Jul 31, 2021 21:14 No one has pointed this out yet?


Nice work everyone! Special thanks to the spambots for the cooperation. :crazy
Haha, that's great! I didn't know a lot of the spambots were Keen fans! Or are those actual people? If that's the case, then I wonder why haven't they registered yet.
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Re: Stupid References are stupid

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Uncanny. The eyes are very similar. I've never heard of this film but from a quick search it looks to have quite a complex backstory behind it.

Lol I'm guessing they're spambots because like you said, I would think that if they were human, a higher percentage of them would have registered by now (although, there have been quite a few legit new users this year... :D ). Also if there was some event that caused so many people to look at PCKF all of a sudden, I feel like we would have heard something about it.

edit: ooh 256th post beep boop
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