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Quake is a Commander Keen sequel?

Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2008 21:28
by Roobar
Well, according to this Quake 1 video on the "Quake" name came from... Commander Keen!?! There were planned a sequel called "Fight for Justice"? wtf? I mean am I the only one who didn't knew that? Because I've heard this for the first time. What's your thoughts?

Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2008 21:33
by KeenRush
Well, not directly from Keen... The Fight For Justice was to be the next iD game after Keens, they advertised it in Keen 1. In it the player character was to be something strong and dangerous man called Quake. Needless to say Quake the game is pretty much exactly opposite to the game they talked about back then. :)

Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2008 21:43
by Roobar
Now how that piece of info has split out of my mind? I guess I didn't pay much attention in reading stuff from keen 1 :tired :)

Well anyway, it's nice seeing ScrewAttack guys mentioned Keen in their video :).

Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2008 21:54
by Sciz CT
Here's a good interview with Romero on the subject. Suffice it to say, Quake changed a lot from the initial design document to the alpha to the final.

Posted: Mon Mar 10, 2008 2:24
by elecdude33
I remember that "Fight for Justice" advert thing from Keen... it's a bit weird to advertise something in what was clearly an early enough stage for it to change drastically during further development I think. Maybe it's more common than I think, I don't know.

Re: Quake is a Commander Keen sequel?

Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 12:21
by Kayburt
When I first read this advertisement of "Fight for Justice" it got me thinking of a platforming game starring a Thor-like protagonist.