Commander Keen Fan-made Trailer

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Commander Keen Fan-made Trailer

Post by SpeightM09 »

Hi. I've been following this forum for years and not really felt the need to comment or anything. Me and my siblings have been Keen fans since we were tiny and have played almost all the fan-games you guys make, so good work, they're great! Anyway, I just found this thing floating around the old YouTube and thought it was pretty cool, but severely under-viewed and needs more love.

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Re: Commander Keen Fan-made Trailer

Post by KeenRush »

Welcome to a registered account then. :) And thanks for the link, that video is amazingly well done. Had no idea it existed. Looks like sort of modern day Keen from German suburbs. Cool.
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Re: Commander Keen Fan-made Trailer

Post by troublesomekeen »

Grrrrrreat to have you aboard. I remember seeing that trailer recently. Thumbs up!
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Re: Commander Keen Fan-made Trailer

Post by ScarletFlame »

I have also seen the trailer, but thanks for sharing it anyway. It's good to see people making keen animations.

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