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This is where you can post your Commander Keen related stories, artwork, or other stuff that is related to Commander Keen but otherwise doesn't belong in another forum.
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Re: Semantic KeenWiki

Post by Nisaba » Mon Dec 18, 2017 0:58

Reply pt I:

one mod mod a week = 6 years, if nobody dares to create any further mods... :crazy
just kidding. but honestly, you don't have to worry about images that need to get uploaded. In 2017 I took care about updating a bunch of mod pages, including the upload of fresh images (somewhat 100-120 mods). Shoutout to Quinton, who really was a reliable helping hand with this.
K1n9_Duk3 provided some fine tools, which help solving this task nearly automated And now that uploading stuff will be much easier, thanks to the Wiki upgrade, I think such things can will be even more fluent.
BUT converting existing stuff gives me headaches.
  • I disagree with deleting pages for individual levels. at least the big and influential mods should keep these pages. I do agree that we don't need this as a general thing. in my opinion this kind of info helps to understand the level layout, and therefore the character of the mod. for me (as a modder) it was very crucial to study the level design and the additional info provided on the sub-pages of for eg.
    Battle of the Brains. I got a deeper understanding on how to structure things. in my opinion the main mod page gives a "cursorily" overview, while these sub-pages are helpful for digging deeper, so to speak.
    also: a register of how each creature behaves is a notation that should not be sneezed at, if I may say so. plus these pages provide extra info on things like: these enemies can be seen in level x, y, z. this is the level dimension, one can collect such amount of points, extra lives and collectibles are hidden here, it's located on this area of the map, and so on.
    and damn, these pages look beautiful. don't you think:
    well... I admit: I spend countless hours to track down all those information. that's maybe the part that might hurt most...
  • worldmaps... mhhh...don't know yet. have to think about it.
  • I agree with the level arrangement (overview vs thumbnail). your arguments are convincing.
  • ah, you are about to make the wiki mobile convertible?! neat! about the actors... mhhh... why not arranging things in a row in stead of having columns? shouldn't this automatically use the space more logical... just a shot in the dark... need to think about it.
  • one word to the textual table of mods vs the pictorial list of mods. having 300 mod by today, the textual table is so much more organized and structured, that you can easily select a mod of your choice. in opposite to that, you have no idea, whether or not it's a one level mod, a levelpack, a mod with alterations or just a simple skinmod.
    I do like the idea of having the pictorial list of mods for each User:page. this makes a lot of sense to me, simply because the level list on each of these pages is much smaller and therefore clearly represented in this style. plus it looks just beautiful.
  • Yes, please keep the strict engine split. I wouldn't combine Vorticons and Galaxy mods. both worlds are entirely different. I also disagree if they were split to become one page per episode. I don't see an advantage. plus in some mods you can't really tell by the look and feel, whether it's a K1 or a K2 mod. separating them doesn't make much sense to me. per engine, yes. per episode, no.
further response soon...
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