Keen 3 in Galaxy style

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Re: Keen 3 in Galaxy style

Post by Nisaba »

this is exciting! you really put a lot of love into this. thanks for sharing insights.
and yeah, I'm with Roobar: Definitely a mod I'm looking for! a playable demo version for Keen day march the 14th would be admirable
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Re: Keen 3 in Galaxy style

Post by Kayburt »

Afraid I don't have the means and skills to make even a demo of the mod. However I can continue to whet your appetite with additional shots. Any skilled modder who is willing to take on the making of the mod, I can provide graphics and sprites as best I can.

Feast your eyes on these:


We see the Vorticon King up close with Keen himself. I changed the text slightly because in Keen 4 style, you don't kill enemies, you just stun them. This is good because the Vorticons don't deserve to be blasted with a hyperpistol.

And what Commander Keen game would be complete without a High Score screen?

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