The Mortrix concept art

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The Mortrix concept art

Post by Quillax »

Happy Keen Day! :birthday

While I was working on The Mortrix, I did a bunch of concept art to help myself figure out how should some of the designs look like. To celebrate this year's Keen Day, I decided to show you all the concept art I did for The Mortrix:

Various stuff (1)
Various stuff (2)
Mortrix application
Shikadi Minesweeper level
Plain Paint level
Various Mortrix level layouts
Title screen
Anti-Virus Abolisher

Keep in mind that some stuff is cut off since my drawing pad is a little bit bigger than what my scanner can scan. I tried to fit in what I can, though!

So, I hope you find the art to be rather interesting! :)
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Re: The Mortrix concept art

Post by troublesomekeen »

This is rather interesting! Thank you for doing this! Extras like this surrounding the mod makes it even more special.
I didn't realize they're called Gigabites! The Scroll Bar is still the best thing...
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