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Keen-related Smash Bros. Ultimate stuff

Posted: Mon May 27, 2019 22:08
by Flyingmouse
I realized I forgot to post these last week, so here's a few custom stages for any of you that play Ultimate. Either search for the keyword "FM51" or use these ID codes:

Washington Tantalus Center (named "Tantalus Ray CK2"): CL7MF1CD
Hillville (4P): 95KPD3VW
Fort Vorticon (4P): GNJMV7BW
Border Town (Keen 1): HG3LXVJW
Horseradish Hill: PQMJHM6W
Bloog Control Center (named "Control Center"): MLM8C7CP

Plus a couple extras (not really enough accessories to choose from to portray them accurately, unfortunately):
Keen Mii Gunner: 3W9H3R7Y
McMire Mii Gunner: ND68KV15