WHAT Personal Computer Disk

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WHAT Personal Computer Disk

Post by Benvolio »

I'd love to triumphantly say I found my 5 1/4 inch disk that started my Keen obsession at the end of my first decade of life.

However I haven't. But I did google it again and found an upload of the exact disk and its accompanying blurb. (All my dad handed me was the disk so I hadn't seen the other bits and pieces that went with it).

Incredibly nostalgic for me to see this. I doubt it has any significance for the rest of you but let me share anyway.

The upside-down screengrab of Keen made me LMAO.

http://robinnixon.com/whatpersonalcompu ... /index.htm

I did also love that Pango game. I think I've played it with DOSbox, and if I recall it requires the clock cycles to be turned right down.
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Re: WHAT Personal Computer Disk

Post by Roobar »

I grew with other magazines, but that felt nostalgic as well.

"animation at 40 frames per second!" what? :lol
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Re: WHAT Personal Computer Disk

Post by Nisaba »

The 3,5-inch disk has over 800Kb of top notch software while the 5,25-inch version offers over 500Kb of goodies.
oh yeah! good times!
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