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Keen on LCD

Post by Commander Spleen »

This is neat

A friend bought an old LCD screen off eBay a couple of years ago, with the intention of integrating it into his vehicle. That never eventuated, so it found its way into my collection. Recently I got around to testing it. And who better to employ for the task than Billy Blaze himself?

I found it particularly interesting due to the wide border. Very C64 style. That and the crazy plug and specialised video adapter card it requires (yet to be photographed).

It's playable, but somewhat annoying when the screen scrolls and dark pixels mix with light ones to create a type of flickering.

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Post by ckguy »

Cool gigantic border, and cool um friend. :crazy

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Post by jimmyjames »

oh and nice................... friend lol :p
Forget it.

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Post by Anti-Gary »

Hey that's a picture of me!!!

I kid.

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Post by KeenRush »

Cool! :) Haha, one phatt cyan screen border there!
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Post by Djaser »

Your friends reminds me of the trolls from a Dutch gnome picture book. I can't find a good picture, that's sad.
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Post by Galaxieretter »

Heh... I thought this was common knowlege.

This happened to me on my Toshiba Satellite 220. It has an 800x600 screen so when you play 320x200 games it doubles the size to 640x400 while having a black border. Commander Keen is the only game I came across that stretches the video to a full 800x600. The strange thing is it keeps the playing field at 640x400

I thought this might be used somehow to make a high resolution patch for Commander Keen. (Hey, it IS displaying more than 320x200.) But I have no idea how to go about this so I never mentioned it.

I *think* all Commander Keen games (1-6) do this, but I'm not sure.
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Post by entropicdecay »

That's pretty cool. Nice giant cyan border. :P

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Post by Malvineous »

That looks like one of those cheap Keycorp LCDs that show up on eBay from time to time.

The border is interesting - Keen is one of the few games that sets an EGA border colour (which can be changed via the B+F10 cheat or set to zero to switch it off.) If you play it on a VGA card you get a dainty little border one character wide around the edge of the screen, but when you play it on an EGA monitor the border goes all the way out to the edge of the CRT. It looks like these LCDs use the border colour to fill up the black area around the edge of the screen when the picture won't stretch far enough - so unforunately Gal it's not really a "high res" mode, it's just a single colour that the LCD driver chip is using to fill out the rest of the screen.

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