KeenWiki on a new server

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KeenWiki on a new server

Post by Malvineous »

Hi all,

Just a heads up after a two year hiatus I have finally finished moving the KeenWiki over to a new server. If you notice any problems please let me know. All the old links should continue to work and will just quietly forward you on to the new server, but from now on you should use links starting with rather than the old

The change in domain may mean your browser forgets your password so hopefully everyone remembers theirs. I get the occasional bounce from someone who has forgotten their password and tried to reset it, but they aren't using that e-mail address any longer either, so probably a good opportunity to make sure the e-mail address in your KeenWiki user profile is current.

For anyone interested in the technical detail the server has been moved from Linode over to Amazon AWS, as it seems to perform a bit better there and is a bit easier to maintain. It's now hosted in a Docker container running on Amazon ECS so I'm hoping that will make it easier to do future MediaWiki upgrades.

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Re: KeenWiki on a new server

Post by Quillax »

Whoa, it looks the voting system has finally been fixed! Woohoo! :D

I noticed that the view counts found in the bottom of each page have been taken away. Is that because of the server change? If so, is there is a way to bring them back? I always thought they were neat.
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Re: KeenWiki on a new server

Post by Nisaba »

That's great news!
I think I can say on behalf of the community that we are all very grateful to have you as a host for the KeenWiki.
This website is one of, if no the most important source of information for the community, and it is formidable that this service has been running stably and reliably for so many years. Thanks so much for all your time and effort!
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