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Did you download the slightly newer version of Commander Genius?

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DaVince wrote:Kuliwil: yeah, okay, fair enough. But the file format is even mentioned in its configuration thing that it forces into the control panel and all that, and I'm sure a fair amount of people opened up that panel at least out of curiosity.
haha, really? your average end user? A lot of people don't know what half the buttons on their desktop do.

Yeah, but it doesn't mean that people like to use quick time :P What quick time taught me was how to get fast with Shift+Right Click in Windows 98 to bring up the "open with..." prompt (wow - I actually remember that!)

But yeah, I shouldn't make sweeping groundless presumptions. I'll stop with this discussion here and drag myself out of my hole whilst its still shallow :crazy :bloody
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I don't think most people on here are your average end user... Plus back then, the computer user demographic was a bit different anyway. And, to be honest, I'm only making presumptions based on my own experiences, too. Still, the file format is old so I definitely didn't expect a person like LLa not to know about it.

Yeah, that should wrap up the topic derailing. :)
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