Warros Padulosos!!!, a Paddle War remake for Android phones

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Same here; I have a dumbphone. (A Motorola Razr). However, this does look promising. I'll recommend this to my Droid-user friends.

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Post by Genius314 »

Hoogli wrote:
Genius314 wrote:... I could name like 10 people off the top of my head who have an Android phone (mostly Droids).
Cool. Do you think any of them might be into a Paddle War-esque retro gaming experience? :dopefish
Probably not. I only really know one person who's even heard of Commander Keen, and I'm not sure if they have an Android phone or not.
I had a HTC Tattoo not so long ago... but I got an iPhone and sold the Android.
So you burned off the tattoo and replaced it with an Apple logo? :p
(Yes, yes, I know it's a phone!)

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Post by DaVince »

This is awesome lookin'. The day I finally get an Android phone this will be the first app I'll download. :)
MOM4Evr wrote:
Hoogli wrote:Hey, I am a person. I know about PaddleWar! because I have 15 years of experience playing it!
Ah, ok. My bad. Just had all the normal spammer telltale signs: Joined today, made new forum topic, all that stuff I'm used to spammers doing. Anyhoo, I don't have any kind of smartphone, so I sure can't test it.
Welcome to the forum...I guess...I'm not totally sure whether you're welcome or not, but whatever.
I still think that this is kinda spam, but don't mind me: I'm ornery and all that.
You... genuinely thought he was a spambot? I thought you were making a joke...
Wow look at me I'm lurking

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