Dead in the Desert Community Levelpack

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lemm. bitch.

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Post by Paramultart » Thu Jan 05, 2012 18:12

VikingBoyBilly wrote:Of course he did. Mink and Gridlock are the ones you PM'd your map to. :p
Whoah bro, don't get all ROAR-EY on us...



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please stop spamming memepics Para.
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Post by Syllypryde » Sun Jan 15, 2012 3:27

Another sucess by the Keen community. Yes, it has it's problems, but as a whole it is a good levelpack.

Switches and Btiches- By Lemm, this level is short but quite interesting. The switch puzzle at the beginnging allows the player the rare task of actually thinking instead of just exploring. This also applies to the offscreen section of the level. I have already mentioned how to do it so I will not go into detail here. The switches at the exit allow precise hand-to-eye coorbination. A short but good level.

Aquatic Ruins- By Keenfan, I kept insisting to myself that Ceilick did this level, this level or Scorch Valley, because it seemed like a more experienced modder would have done this level, so I was a bit surprised Keenfan was the creator. Suffice to say, I am very impressed. It is very well constructed and in this level along with many others, the mix of all three sceneries (desert, underground and hydro) blended in really well here. As I said, I am impressed and hope to play more levels from Keenfan in the future.

Scorch Valley- By Ceilick, originally I had guessed this was his level and I should have trusted my instincts. As usual, he does not disappoint. Another nice contructed level again with the blend of desert and underground.

Stalagburn Caverns- By Gridlock, one of my favorite levels in the pack. I am sure I am in the minority here, but I enjoyed Gridlock's previous attempts at Galaxy levels. These levels were sometimes quite confusing and the continuous backtracking probably turned a lot of Keeners off, but I saw great potential in these levels. One of my favorite things was how well he hid the extra lives. He created some very original ways in order to obtain extra lives. To obtain the three water pitchers in this level is most definitely tricky! He has somewhat simplified his level design techniques in his four levels for this levelpack, but they are absolutely killer! Stalagburn Caverns is a prime example of how Gridlock's modding abilities have evolved. I personally believe once this man starts completing full Galaxy mods, his work will rival Ceilick's!

Cacti Caverns- By GARGapplesauce, a quick and simple level, but nice nonetheless. Again, I see potential.

Sandipstick- By Neek, another supposedly first time Galaxy level maker who again has surprised me. Another well constructed level.

Spikard Tank- By Gridlock, another kick-ass level by the man. I hate Spikards, but I love this level. It definitely works well as a secret level. One of my favorite levels in the pack.

Pit of Shanking- By Neek, another good level by him. I would definitely like to see him create more levels.

The Volcano- By Gridlock, One of my favorite levels in the pack. As with Stalagburn Caverns, he also gets tricky in this one. Tricky hidden areas and secret passages and of course, the tricky red gem. It seems impossible to do the level without the vertical goplat whose switch is blocked by the red gemdoor. Once the gem is used here it cannot be used to open the gemdoor that blocks the latern, the latern required to reach the secret level. In normal and hard it seems even more impossible to reach the top of the level without the goplat. But with a neat trick with the squib, mastery of the Impossible Pogo and clever exploration, this goplat is not needed. An excellent constructed level and the background tiles in the underground are an added nice touch. Another kick-ass level from the man.

Fusion Chambers- By Kulwil, a decent level. It does suffer from tile errors, but the level design is good. I am not too fond of the obstacles near the end of the level, but it does offer challenge.

World Between Worlds- By VikingBoyBilly, another interesting level. Another fine example of a supposedly first time Galaxy level maker creating an enjoyable level.

Impossible Palace- By Fleex, holy fycl, where do I start? When I saw his name in the list of contributors and started playing this level for the first time, I knew immediately he designed it. As skeptical as I was, I was hoping his first attempt at a Galaxy level would be more reasonably created than his Vorticons mods. Again, I should have trusted my instincts. I apologize for being harsh but I hate this level! I get the impression he thinks the more impossible the level the better it is and I completely disagree. Like Keen -6 and Keen -5, this level is an exercise in total frustration. I am sorry, Fleex, but playing levels that bring 30 game overs, cause me to scream at the top of my lungs, kick my chihuahua, throw the laptop across the room, and go outside and violently beat random strangers is NOT my idea of fun! Many use adult oriented material for gratification, but I believe Fleex gets his through watching the title screen to Episode Smile!

On to the positives, the level is well constructed and despite how ridiculously hard it is, it does have replayability. After each of my dozen deaths I still find myself hitting retry. A level that definitely lives up to its name.

Hydro Pumping Station- By Mr_M, another well constructed level worthy of an up and coming Galaxy modder. If I did not know any better I would think this was an original DITD level.

Boring Desert- By Tulip, another level that lives up to its name because this level is boring! Sorry, but I expected more from you. It is a shame the "Devil's Cavern" cave entrance that is behind a red gemdoor without a red gem is not more than just scenery. Since the elevator passcard is strangely absent in this levelpack, it would have been kind of interesting if a patch was created that would allow the passcard (collected on another level) to be used at this gemdoor, then you could enter the cave and go to a secret secret level. One can dream.

Warm Sands- By Mink, another slightly disappointing level. The level design itself is good but sadly it is seriously empty. I can see the potential, but it seems not to have been followed through.

Farts- by Paramultart, you could not think of a better name for this level? Then again, because of the chaotic tiles thrown into the background, maybe Farts is a suitable name. It does work well as a joke level.

Hydro Battle- By Gridlock, I actually like this better than Battle for the Ship in the original DITD. But like someone else pointed out, once you get the hang of it, taking out Loquax Keen becomes too easy.

Love Shack- By VikingBoyBilly, this is an interesting level. The door puzzle is very confusing at first, but overall it is a good level.

Good job Keen community!

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Post by Fleexy » Sat Jan 21, 2012 0:21

Who renamed my level?
lemm wrote:a world-class player would still be able to complete it
Ceilick wrote:spike section, which is BS
Not so much.

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