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Re: Updated- 'The Ruin of Roib' - beta v3

Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 22:04
by Snortimer
You are correct! Thanks for the help. I had actually already sent an email to Bernie asking about it, and got the answer from him as well.
(Also, he said that he doesn't remember what he did with the Super Duper patch, so he won't fix the crashing bug)

Re: Updated- 'The Ruin of Roib' - beta v3

Posted: Sun May 19, 2019 21:19
by Snortimer
Just in case anyone one day decides to have a go at fixing it, here's a save file in which the error is 100% reproducible:

Also, here it is in txt format (copy+paste into notepad and save as SAVEGAM2.CK4 - although I'm not actually sure if this method works...)

Code: Select all

CK4 7¥ 2b ty                             °W                                   ¤  ˆ w                 *'
4Í«	 å fÍ«+ å fÍ«? å 
4Í«u å 
4Í« å eÍ« å Í« VÍ«& å eÍ« å Í« VÍ« å Í« VÍ« å 
4Í« å fÍ« å 888gÍ« 8Í« å eÍ«" å Í« 8å å 8i888gÍ« 8å å å 
4Í«  å Í« 8i888Í«' å fÍ« å 888iÍ« 8å å Í«	 8i8å å å 
4Í« å fÍ« å Í« 8g8Í« å fÍ« å Í« 8yh88å 888g{88iÍ« 8å å å 
4Í« å efÍ« å 888h8gÍ« 8Í« å eÍ« å dÍ« å 888gÍ« 8å 8h8yiÍ« 8h88å å å 
4Í« å Í«	 8g888Í« å edå fÍ«% å FÍ«
 Gå FÍ«
 Gå å å 
4Í« å fÍ« å eÍ« å FÍ« ´GÍ« å fÍ«! å eå fÍ« å Í« 
 å Í« 
 å å å 
4Í« å dÍ«	 
 Í« å fÍ«	 å vewå å Í« 8å å å 88hÍ« 8å å å 
4Í« å dÍ« å Í« 

 å fÍ«+ å 

ø 888g88g

å å å ø Í« 8g88å å å 
4Í« å eÍ« å Í« 

 Í« å fÍ« å Í« å 

88hͫ 8

å å å Í« 8iÍ« 8Í« å 
4Í«  ¿%Í« Í« 
Í«. ¿å å å å Í« 8å å Í« ¿¿Í« 8¿¿å ˆ
4Í«! !Í« 

Í«$ !Í« ûÍ« !Í« N888NÍ«	 !888!ûû!!NN
4Í«! ,Í« 

Í«# ,Í« ûÍ« ,Í« N8g8Í« NÍ« ,8g8,ûN,,NN
4Í«! ÜÍ« 

Í«" ÜÍ« ûÍ« ÜN888NÍ«	 Ü888Í« ÜNN
4Í«! îÍ« 

Í«! îÍ« ûÍ« îN888NÍ«	 î888Í« îNN
  Í«  Í« 

  Í«   Í« ûÍ« Í«  N88yNÍ«	  8i8Í«  NN
4Í«! Í« 

ûÍ« ¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸Í«	 ûÍ« û88hûÍ«	 888Í« ûû
4Í« $ûûûÍ« $ûûû$$$Í« ûÍ« 


5Í« $û888ûÍ«	 $888Í« $ûû
4Í« 8ûûûÍ« 8ûûû888Í« û8Í« 

ûûûÍ« 8¹º»º»º»º»º»º»º»º»º»º»º»Í« ûÍ« 8Í« {88NNû888ûNûû8i88NNûû
4Í« 8hÍ« 8ûûûÍ« 8ûûÍ« 8Í« û4ÿÍ« Í« 

5888ûûû888Í« ûÍ« 8hÍ« û
488iͫ 84ͫ ͫ 
Y1¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸18gÍ« 8

5Í« 8g888Í« û
4Í« 8ii³8hÍ« 8XÿÍ« 
 8ûûÍ« 8gÍ« 8Í« 884Í« 
51¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¹û¹¸¹¸¹¸¹Í« 8_[8h88ø 88858
41Í« 8XY18gÍ« 8ûûhÍ« 84ÿÍ« 
41{8884ÿþ518hh8i88ûûÍ« 8ûûû888XÍ« 
Y1¸¹¸88¹¸¹¸¹º»¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹º»¸¹¸¹Í« 858
418iÍ« 8XY1Í« 8ûÍ« 8ûûû884ÿÍ« 
418Í« û84ÿþ518Í« ûÍ« 8ûûÍ« 8z888iÍ« 8ûû88XÍ« 

Y1¸8ûûû¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹88[_Í« 8i888Í« û88Í« Í« ûÍ« ûûÍ« 8iÍ« 8hÍ« 8û88XÿÍ« 
þ51Ê8ûûûËÊËÊËÊËÊËÊËÊËÊËÊËÊËÊ™88mqÍ« 8hzÍ« 8Í« ûÍ« 8y888Í« ûÍ« 8ûûÍ« 8û84Í« 
Í« û8Í« 8ûûû¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹¸¹88gÍ« 8Í« ûÍ« 8gÍ«	 8ûÍ« Í« û8ûÍ« 8ûûûËÊÍ« ÊËÊÍ« ÊË888hÍ«! 8Í«# 8ûûÍ« 8Í« ûÍ« 8[_Í« 8g85

41Í« ˆ4

Í« 8iÍ« 8iÍ«' 8™88mqÍ« 8Y

41Í« ˆ4ÿ

Í« 8gÍ«) 8g888ig888hÍ« 8ûÍ« 85

41Í« ˆX

Í« 8Í« 8gÍ« 8gÍ« 85V

4188ihÍ« 8hg4ÿ

Í« 8hÍ« 8WÍ« 8gÍ« Í« 8³hÍ« 8g888Y

41Í«	 8F


ͫ 8ͫ $8zgͫ 8hͫ 8gͫ 8zghͫ 85

41Í« 8g8


8Í« 8¤¤¤Í« 8åÍ« $äigÍ«	 8Í« 88Í« 88Í« Í« 8iÍ« 8Í« 8hÍ« 85

41Í«	 8Í« 8884

Í« 8åÍ« $äÍ« 8



ͫ 8iͫ 8ͫ 888g88ͫ 
41Í« 8û8884ÿ

 8gÍ« 8åÍ« $äÍ«B 8

4188iͫ 8ͫ 888X

 8åÍ« $äÍ« 8þ1Í« 8ÿ Í«! 8

41888gÍ« 888hXÿ

Í« 8åÍ« $äÍ« 81Í« 8y Í«	 8gÍ« 8ø 8»º»º»º»º»º»Í« 8

4Í« Í« 8g4

Í« 8Í« åÍ« $äÍ« 8þ1Í« 8g888iÍ« 8h8ÿ Í« 8gÍÌÍÌÍÌÍÌÍÌÍÍ« 8

41Í« 8iÍ« 8Xÿ

Í« 8ŸŸŸWäVV      ä88hÍ« 81Í« 8g888 Í« 8hÍ« 8»º»º»º»º»º»Í« 8

4ûÍ« 84

88g8gÍ« 8$$    iä      8  äÍ« 8þ1Í« 8ÿ Í« 8iÍ«

41888¿Í« 8gÍ« 8Í« 8{Í« 8å$$      ä      8  äÍ« 81Í« 8 gÍ«


Í« 8i88å$$8    ä      8  ä888g888þ188i8³888hÍ« 8ÿ Í« 8i888hÍÌÍÌÍÌÍÌÍÌÍÍ« 8


 8å$$8    ä      8  äÍ« 8188zhÍ« 8 Í«	 8h88g888»º»º»º»º»º»Í« 8

41Í« 8yg88Í« ¿4


41Í« 8Xÿ


41Í« 8X

   äijk<m^_þ1`aDcdefghijk<m^_ÿ efghijk<m^_`abÍ« ˆaDcdeÍ« 
4188i888gÍ« 8g{8884ÿ

dexyxyz{|}å$$      Í«   ä{|};pq1rsCuvwxyz{|};pq wxyz{|};pqrstuvwxyz{|}~pqrsCuvw


vwŠ‹Š‹ŒŽå$$      Í«   䍎‘‚ƒþ1„…†‡ˆ‰Š‹ŒŽ‘‚ƒÿ ‰Š‹ŒŽ‘‚ƒ„…†‡ˆ‰Š‹ŒŽ‘‚ƒ„…†‡ˆ‰

41Í« 8hiÍ«	 84ÿ

ˆ‰œœžŸ ¡å$$Í«   åÍ«   䟠¡:£”•1–—˜™š¤¤¤žŸ ¡:¤¤¤ ›œžŸ ¡:£”•–—˜™š›œžŸ ¡:£”•–—˜™š›

418h888gͫ 8g8i{8X

š›®¯®¯°±²³åÍ«   1        ä±²³´µ¦ þ1¨©ª«¬­®¯°±²³´µ¦§ÿ ­®¯°±²³´µ¦§¨©ª«¬­®¯°±²³´µ¦§¨©ª«¬­®


¬­ÀÁÀÁÂÃÄÅåÍ«   1        äÃÄÅÆǸ 1º»¼½¾¿ÀÁÂÃÄÅÆǸ¹ ¿ÀÁÂÃÄÅÆǸ¹º»¼½¾¿ÀÁÂÃÄÅÆǸ¹º»¼½¾¿À

41Í« 8[Í« ê[Í« 8X


ÐäåäåæçèéåÍ«   äÍ«   äçèéêëÜ 1ÞßàáâãäåæçèéêëÜÝ ãäåæçèéêëÜÝÞßàáâãäåæçèéêëÜÝÞßàáâãäåæçAAA=>û@ABAAEAAHIAAA=>?Þß

âãö÷ö÷øùúûåÍ«   äÍ«   äùúûüýî þ1ðñòóôõö÷øùúûüýîïÿ õö÷øùúûüýîïðñòóôõö÷øùúûýîïðñòóõö÷øûûMNûûûRSTUVWXYZ[LMNÍ« ûˆˆôõ		

åÍ«   äÍ«   ä



^_`abcdefghijklm^_`Í« ûå å å Í« åÍ«   äÍ«   äïð  ¢5 41Í« ¢ÿ Í« ÃÃÃÃÃÍ« ïðßÍ« pqrstuvwxyz{|}~pqrÍ« ûå å å Í« ÃÃÍ« ÝÍ« ÞÍ« 5
41ÃÍ« ßÍ« ÕÕÕÕÕÍ« ñÃÃÃÍ« ‚ƒ„…†‡ˆ‰Š‹ŒŽ‘‚ƒ„…†‡ÕÕÍ« ÞÍ« Í« 5
41ÕÍ« ñÍ« çççççÍ« ÕÕÕÍ« ”•–—˜™š›œžŸ ¡¢£”•–—˜™+,+,å ççÍ« 5
41çÍ« Í«  çççÍ« ¦§¨©ª«¬­®¯°±²³´µ¦§¨©ª«<=>å å ÀÁÂÀÀÁÂÀÁÂÀÁÂÀÀÁÂÀÁÂÀÁÂÀÁÂÀÂÀÁÂÀÁÂÁ5Á

 ðïðññÍ«\ {Í« Í«a {Í« Í«} {.(ýþÍ«u   ýþÍ«t Í  
Í«   ø
  ‚	…	‚	ƒ	„	…	  ü
Í«-   ø
  ‚	…	  ‚	ƒ	…	ü
‚	…	  ‚	ƒ	„	…	ü
  Í  ZÍ«   

Í  xÍ«   \	Í«   K	L	 !"Í«,   \	Í«   K	L	 !"\	  {Í«   K	L	 !"Í  nŠÍ«   .n	Í«   _	`	]	^	  34Í«,   .n	      V_	`	]	^	  34.n	{      _	`	]	^	  34Í  ýþÍ«   .  4	 	!	    q	r	o	p	  34Í«,   .Í«   Vq	r	o	p	  34.Í«   q	r	o	p	  34Í  
Í«   .  F	G	5	Í«   34Í«,   .Í«
 234Í  ZÍ«   .  C	D	E	Í«   34Í«,   Ô
Í  HÍ«   Ô
0U	V	W	g	<
Í«   34Í«,   GÍ« yý£GÍ« yý£Í  xÍ«   GR	S	T	y	N
ýþ    /Ø
Í«,   GD€Í«    ýþGD€    UUU   ýþÍ  nŠÍ«   GkŠ	‹	Š	‹	`
    Sý£Í«    mn      JKÍ«   GÍ«   SýþG  U      U  SýþÍ  
Í«   GkÍ« úÝÞ    SýþÍ«   m€[[[\]Í«   GxJK    H  SýþGx  JK    H  SýþÍ  ZÍ«   GkÍ« úÝÞ    SýþÍ«   mƒ•Í«   ÉÊÍ«   GkŠ[\]  YZ[lý
GkŠ[\]  YZ[l
Í  Í« r GkÍ« úÝÞ    SýþÍ«   mƒ•Í«   ÉÊÍ«   Gkœ£ÉÊ  ÷‘}lnZGkœ£ÉÊ  ÷‘}lnZÍ  Hr ‚	ƒ	…	I	J	Í«   ‚	ƒ	„	…	      GkÍ« úÝÞ    S
Í«   ‚	ƒ	„	…	Í«
   ‚	ƒ	„	…	    mƒ•Í«   ÉÊÍ«   l _ ` ÷ÉÊ  ÷ÉÊz{|l _ ` ÷ÉÊ  ÷ÉÊz{|Í  xr       [	  \	    H	Í«   I	J	  H	      GkÍ« úÝÞ    SnxJK    H	Í«   mƒ•Í«   ÉÊÍ«    q   ÷ÉÊ  ÷ÉÊXF   q   ÷ÉÊ  ÷ÉÊXF  Í  nŠr       m	  n	    Z	  ñòÍ«   GkÍ« úÝÞ    SnŠ\]    Z	mnÍ«   ‰•Í«   z{Í«   ~  ÷ÉÊ  ÷ÉÊÍ«   ÷ÉÊ  ÷ÉÊ      Í  
r   ûüýþÍ«   Í« [GkÍ« úÝÞ    Sn^ÉÊ    q€Í« [š•Í«   ŒÍ« Ž‘  ÷ÉÊ  ÷ÉÊ  ñò¹º»÷ÉÊ  ÷ÉÊ      Í  Zr 
Í«         ‘}£¢    ‘}£¢Í«   GkÍ« úÝÞ    Sn^É    ‰•ÚÍ« }좢    ½½Í«   ž¢Í« ¢¢
  ÷ÉÊ  ÷ÉÊ  ËÌÍ÷ÉÊ  ÷ÉÊ      Í  r XYÿ Í«   ÷¢      Ée÷¢    Ée÷¢Í«   GkÍ« ÿ     Sn^[š•¦§Í«   çèíÍ«	 }GŠÍ« E‹nxI÷ÉÊ  ÷É¢¢Þ÷ÉÊ  ÷É      Í  Hr jkCñò    åÍ« }vwå}}}vwåÍ« }GkCBBCD    SnœÍ« }¬§Í«   GD%%%"WnŠ[Ée  ÷¢Ée  ÷[[[Í  xr   qƒ    			Í«   8	9	$	%	  l _ ` Í«   z{|Í«   ñò¹º»Í«   GœÍ« Vnœ}}vw  å}}}“kk“}}vw  åÍ« }£Í  nŠr   vw						Í«   6	7	   q Í«	   XFÍ«   ËÌÍÍ«   Í«   GÍ« yýþÍ«   ÷Í    Ír   ˆ‰%	&	'	(	)	*	  H  '(  ,-  *-  ,-  '(  JKÍ«   H    JK  H  ÝÞJK  H  $$GD€Í«    ýþÍ«   ÷Í    ÍÍ«   7	8	9	:	    YZ[TU[TU[TU[TU[TU[\]Í«   HI  YZ[[\eYZ¢¢y\eYZ[[[6$GÍ«   Sýþ  ñò<=>¹º»Í«   ñò<=>¹º»  ÷Í    ÍÍ«   ûüýþ  å}“}“}“}“}“}ì¢      yÉÊÍ«   YZ[[‘}}vwå}}£¢‘}}vwå}}£¢¢Ée    ÷¢GÍ«   Sýþ  [[[ËÌÍÍ«   [[[ËÌÍ  ÷Í    ÍÍ«   
   )¢      ÉÊÍ«   ÷¢      ÉÊÍ«   ÷¢ÉÊÍ«   ÷‘}vw    å}GÍ«   S
  ¢¢¢ÝÞßÍ«     ¢¢¢ÝÞß  ÷Í    ÍÍ«   XYÿ       ƒ„Í«	   )¢    ÉÊÍ«   ñòN=P¹º»      ÷¢      ÉÊÍ«   ÷¢ÉÊÍ«   ÷k$$G      HÙSx÷½Í«   ÉÍ«   ÷½Í«   É  ÷Í    ÍÍ«   jkC      •–Í«
   )¢  ÉÆÍ«   [[[ËÌÍ      ÷¢      ÉÊ      œž÷¢ÉÊ      œž÷k66G    YZ[lŠ½Í«   Í« [½Í«   [Í    ÍÍ«   qƒÍ«   )¢×ØÙÍ«   Í«   ÝÞ      ÷¢      ÉÊ      ®¯°÷¢ÉÊ      ®¯°÷k¢Ée    ÷¢G    ÷y¢ln^Í«   Í    ÍÍ«   vwÍ«   )éêëÍ«   ÷½Í« ¢[[[¢      ÉÍ«   ÷¢ÉÍ«   ÷k}vw    å}G    å}}lnœÍ« }ìÍ    ÍÍ«   „…Í«   ñò      )üÍ« [’¢¢Í«
   Í« [¢Í« [k$$GÍ«   z{|Í«   ÷Í    ÍÍ«   			      )«Í«	 }kkkÍ« }“Í« }ì’¢k66GxJK      XFÍ«   IJÍ«   ø
Í«   ÷Í    ÍÍ«   						Í«   8	9	    IÍ«   IÍ«   )¢k¢Ée    ÷¢l _ Š\eÍ«   #      I[Í«   

Í«   ÷Í    ÍÍ«   ¨©      »¼$	%	&	'	(	)	*	Í«
   JÍ«   JÍ«   ƒ„Í«   )l _ }vw    åÍ« }vwø
      I[GHÍ«   {{{ !"Í«   ÷Í    ÍÍ«   ¦§˜˜˜r Î6	7	8	9	:	  z{Í«	   KÍ«   K    ~Í«   •–Í«    q Í«   

%\[GYÍ«   q.Í« 234Í«   ÷Í    ÍÍ«   ¥ÔÊÊÊÕà  ûüýþ  ŒÍ« Ž‘Í«      iW !"    GYÍ«   ‚ƒÔ
Í« Â
Í«   ÷Í    Í    ûNOPýþÍ«   æÛÛÛç  
  ž¢¢ŠEE‹ŠEEE‹ŠEEE‹¢¢£Í«   z{Í«   ~      Ô
Í« Â
$GYÍ«   ”•WŠ‹Š‹
Í«   ÷Í    Í  
012Í«   ÔÊÕÔÕ  XYÿ   G¢¢œVVœVVVœVVV¢ýþ  û üýþ    ŒÍ«
 Ž‘    HGŠ‹Š‹
ZY      IJ¥•’iœœZÍ«   ÷Í    Í  XYÿÿÿ Í«   æÛçÉÜ  jkC  G¢Í« y¢ýþ
1012    žÍ« ¢¢£  YZGDWDWZ$      \[  å}}WŠ‹Š‹Í«   ÷Í    Í  jkBCDÍ«   ÔÊÕÉÜ    qƒ      GD€Í«    ¢eþXYÍ« ÿ     G¢Í« k¢ýþ  å}GDWDW    "    \J  qƒiœœ      IJ÷Í    Í      qƒÍ«   É  ÜÉÜ    vs      GÍ«
   IJÍ«   SÑþjkBCDDDGHGD€Í«    
    IGDWDWxÍ«   JK  rsl Í« ƒ {|    I[  ÷Í    Í      vw  ¨©      »¼æÛçæç    ˆ…      GÍ«   I[Í«	   SÑþÍ«   qƒ    GY  GÍ«   SZ    JGDWDWnŠÍ« [\]  „… zƒ ƒ {|    \[    ÷Í    Í      „…  ¦§  ø
‚	…	ü
Í«   GÍ«   I[Í«
   SÑþÍ«   tu  GY    GÍ«   S    JGDWDWnœÍ« }£ÉÊÍ«   X• • FÍ«   ÷Í    Í    ƒ„    ¥ÔÕ
Í«   G  "Í«   I[IJÍ«	   SwþÍ«   †‰GY      GÍ«	   ’“”SÜýþJGDWDWnBBCÈÉ÷ÉÍ« gPQÍ« g      ÷Í    Í    •–      æç\	Í«    !"Í«   G  "Í«   I[I[Í«
Í«   GYGH    VÍ«   ’~¤¥¦ÛíîJGDWDWýþ    FG÷Í« [bcÍ« [Í    ÍÍ«   ÔÕ.n	Í«   34Í«   –	—	G  "    GH    I[I[  GHÍ«   SÍ«   GYGY      VÍ«   ’~¤‘|Í« úÝÞJGDWDWýþ    FGåÍ« }Í    ÍÍ«   æç.Í«   34Í«   ¨	©	G  "  GY    \[\[  GYÍ«	   S      ZYZYÍ«   V      ’~¤¡|Í« úÝÞJGDWDWýþ    XYÍ« ÿ¶·Í«   Í« úÍ    Í  IJÍ«   ÔÕ.Í«   34Í«   G  "GY  Ø	Ù	Í«   GYØ	Ù	    GHÍ«   SÍ«   V  }~¤‘|Í« úÝÞJGDWDWýþ    jkDCDBBCÈÉÍ« úÍ    ÍI[      GHæç.Í« 234Í«   V  ZY\Jê	ë	      GY  ê	ë	  ZY    IJ  SÍ«   $’“”Vº!¡|Í« úCDÿ JGœœýþÍ«
   XYÍ« ÿÍ    Í[      GY  ÔÕÔ
Í« Â
Í«   V    IJ  ü	ý	þ	  ZY    ü	ý	þ	      I[    SÍ«   $’~¤¥¦¹ËÌ ¡|Í« úC³UVDJGýþÍ«
   jkBCDBCDBCBCDÍ    Í      GY    æçG¢¢Š‹¢¢ý£Í«   [  \[  	

Í«   	

    \[      SÍ«   ’~¤¡|Í« úC³Ž£´Í«   JGD€ ýþÍ«   žŸ÷Í    ÍIJGY      ÔÕGœýþÍ«   mÍ«   ¢	 
¥	§	      ¢	 
¥	§	Í«   S    }~¤‘|Í« úC³Ž£´Í«   JG    SýþÍ«   IJGHÍ«   ÷Í    Í[ZY    Ê	Ë	æçVyy
Í«   ’“”V!´	µ	¶	¸	¹	<=>´	µ	¶	¸	¹	NOP !ÚSÜ !¡|Í«	 úCDÿÿ0Ž£´Í«   JV    SýþÍ«   \[GYÍ«
   ÷Í    Í      	‘	Ü	Ý	    VD€     Z    ’~¤¥¦¹ËÌ301013001010010123ìÛíî2 ¡|Í«	 úC³Uúú²h´Í«
   J[    SýþÍ«   ZYÍ«
   ""    ÷Í    Í      ¢	£	î	¥	§	  V      S}~¤¡|Í«( úC³Ž£´GýþÍ«   ƒ„Í«   Lm    S
 Í« #5Í« #K""    ÷Í    Í !´	µ	·	¸	¹	¸Vº ÚS!‘|Í«( úC³Ž£´    GýþÍ«   •–    IJ    HVxÙSxYZ%Í«	 5\    JK÷Í    Í23011301ʹËÌ12ìÛí ¡|Í«( úC³Ž£´Í«   GýþÍ«   I[    YZGkŠ[lnŠ¢  ÉÊÍ«	   ÷¢[[\]÷Í    ÍÍ«: úC³Ž£´Í«   GýþÍ«   \[GHH÷¢Gk^  z{^      ÉeÍ«	   ÷¢Í«   ÉÊ÷Í    ÍÍ«9 ÿ0Ž£´Í«   UGýþÍ«   GYYZÚGkœÍ« }vwÍ«	   ÷¢Í«   ÉÊ÷Í    ÍBCDBCDBCDBCDBCDBCDCDBCDBCCDÍ« úDDCDÍ« úCCBCÍ« úBCDBCDBCD²h´Í«   UUGýþÍ«   GYH÷¢¦§GGýþÍ«   ÷¢Í«   Ée÷Í    ÍÍ«   œžÍ«   ûüýþÍ«   GŠ‹ýþ      GŠ‹ýþ      GŠ‹ýþÍ«   UUUG
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Í«   IVZ      Í  Í  TTU    ûÀÁÂüýþ  XYÿ Í«   VŠ‹Z      VŠ‹ýþ      VŠ‹ZÍ«   V      GY  IJ    TTT    VZÍ«   I[V      Í  Í"TUT"
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   H      Vx      Vx  Ù  VŠ‹Í«   V  GYÍ«   VÍ«   I[GYV      Í  Í    "    jkBCDCÍ«   "Í«   YZ[[[G¢¢nŠ[[[G¢¢nŠ[[[Gœ/Í«   UV/ZYÍ«
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   æÝ   Í«i   êÝ    ®ÝÍ«   æÝ  ²ÝÍ«-   îÝÍ«<   êÝÍ«
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ÞÍ«7   A Í«   A Í«'   2    Í«G   ÞÞÞÍ«e   8aÍ«
   Þ      ÞÍ«j    Í«    Í«    Í«•  - Í«­   ®ÝÍ«  B Í«   B Í«Ÿ   æÝÍ«   Í« ÞÍ«   B Í«Š   ÞÞÍ«   ²ÝÍ«   ÞÍ«    LL LÍ«   ®ÝÍ«    Í«   Þ"ÞÍ«	   &Þ*Þ  .Þ2Þ  &Þ*Þ  .Þ2Þ+ &Þ*ÞÍ«   Í« 6ÞÍ«   ¶ÝºÝÍ«    Í«    Í«7   êÝÍ«   ÞÍ«   6Þ     Í«   ¾ÝÂÝÍ«   ²Ý  :Þ>ÞBÞÍ«
   :Þ>ÞBÞÍ«    Í«(   6ÞÍ«   - Í«    Í«    Í«    Í«+   6ÞÍ«I   ®ÝÍ«$   :Þ>ÞBÞÍ«"   ¶ÝºÝÍ«	   [Í«   2 Í«7    Í«$   ¾ÝÂÝ      >     ®ÝÍ«   ®ÝÍ«K   )Í«	   )Í«    Í«   > Í«*   ÞÞÍ«0    Í«	    Í«   > Í«*   Þ"ÞÍ«    A A A Í«"   ¶ÝºÝ      > Í«q   ¾ÝÂÝ      > Í«q    Í«   ÞÍ«)   êÝêÝêÝÍ«
   Þ      Þ      Þ      Þ      ÞÍ«8   æÝæÝæÝD Í«   FÞFÞÍ«     Í«   ²ÝÍ«   ÞÍ«   ®ÝÍ«   FÞFÞÍ«   ®Ý  , Í«5   ®ÝÍ«   FÞFÞÍ«!   :Þ>ÞBÞÍ«<   6Þ  6Þ  6Þ 6Þ  6Þ  6ÞÍ«   ÞÍ«    Í«   @          D Í«      @ Í«	   1    Í«“   @ Í«   ÞÍ«x   ÞÍ«,   ÞÞÍ«   - Í«   ®ÝÍ«   êÝ    êÝ    êÝ    êÝÍ«   ÞÞÍ«   ÞÞÍ«   Þ"ÞÍ«C   @ Í«
   Þ"ÞÍ«   Þ"ÞÍ«   - Í«   ÞÞÍ«X   ÞÍ«   ÞÍ«   Þ"ÞÍ«   + Í«   / Í«        0 Í«   ²ÝÍ«   ÞÍ«   . Í«   ÞÍ«
   ²ÝÍ«B   6ÞêÝêÝ6ÞÍ«
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   ÞÍ«%   @ Í«*   êÝ  " êÝÍ«
   ÞÍ«   ®ÝÍ«   ÞÍ«2   ®ÝÍ«   ÆÝ  ÆÝÍ«
   ÞÍ«   ÆÝÍ«   Þ      ÆÝÍ«   ÞÍ«t   ÞÍ«   / Í«I   ÊÝÍ«
   ÎÝÍ«	   ÊÝÍ«   ÞÊÝÍ«   ÎÝÍ«   ÎÝÍ«   ²ÝÍ«"   ÒÝ  6ÞÍ«   ÖÝÍ«	   ÒÝÍ«   Þ    ÒÝÍ«   ÖÝÍ«	   ÒÝÍ«   ÖÝÍ«   ®ÝÍ«   JÞNÞÍ«   6ÞÍ«
    Í«    Í«	   ÞÍ«T   6Þ  ÚÝÍ«    Í«   :Þ>ÞBÞÍ«   ÚÝ:Þ>ÞBÞ     Í«	   ÚÝÍ«   ÚÝÍ«    ²ÝÍ«   6ÞÍ«    Í«    Í«>   ®Ý    ÞÞÍ«h   ¶ÝÍ« ÞݶÝÍ«   ÞÞÍ«    Í«V   5\Í«   ¾ÝÍ« âݾÝÍ«n   ÆÝÍ«Ð   ÞÍ«   ÎÝÍ«	   ÊÝÍ«R   ÞÞÍ«   ÖÝÍ«	   ÒÝÍ«+   = = Í«   = = Í«   = = Í«   ÞÞÞÍ«   6ÞÍ«$   ÞÍ«   `    ÞÍ«G   6Þ6ÞÍ«   ÚÝÍ«   6Þ6ÞÞÍ«    Í«G   6Þ6Þ6ÞÍ«"   Þ6ÞÞ6ÞÞÍ«   ÞÍ«   Þ      6Þ6ÞÍ«   6Þ6ÞÍ«   6Þ6ÞÍ«
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   ÞÍ«   ÞÍ«&   /   2 Í«    Í«‡         WO_$        F , ª	’  —O%‡Pÿ&PO % P & P        ,     "ÖS¨         ÏC              V                                ¤w  ‚ן¨¨!        ÿ*¯ ÿÿ      F 	à$¾  O+ÿÿ,¿÷,+  ,  ,                 ë¨S¨         $             ¾*&ú  @$@°$°x$$  $  $                   7©Ÿ¨         \ 	  ÿÿ          ìë   \ 	ð\ð	x\\ 	 \ 	 \          ë í     ƒ©ë¨         r 	  ÿÿ          ìë   r 	ðrð	xrr 	 r 	 r          ë í     Ï©7©       ¯+¿ÿÿ           5 Ï+ßÿ,ÿg,+  ,  ,           bÖ    ªƒ©        d
ÿÿ          ø*÷ Pd/°eÿ ed  e  e                 gªÏ©        kO           :4„ PkŸ0lÿÀkk  l  k                  ³ªª        qO           :4„ PqŸ0rÿÀqq  r  q                  ÿªgª         g   ÿÿ          ìí   g °gðXgg  g  g         	 í ï     K«³ª        g ÿÿÿÿ          †$»  PgP0hÀgg  h  g                   —«ÿª!       °R¯,ÿÿÿÿ      F oà$¾   Sÿ,°T¿-ØSS , T - S                Â×ã«K«!       @)ÿÿÿ           Ô0Û 0)?0+ÿ0*)  +  *         	       /¬—«         `              j1ä   ` €bða`  b  a                 ‚Ö{¬ã«         m             j1ä   m €oðnm  o  n                 ¢ÖǬ/¬       ¼¿%            5 Üß%ÿ&t %  &            b×    ­{¬         )  ÿÿ  èÿ      j1ä   )¤€+ô*)  +  *                 ÂÖ_­Ç¬         S   ÿÿ         ìå   S °SðXSS  S  S          å ç   Ø«­­!       °R¯,ÿÿÿÿ      F ôà$¾   Sÿ,°T¿-ØSS , T - S                BØ÷­_­         S   ÿÿ         ìå   S °SðXSS  S  S          å ç   ×C®«­!        ð;Ïÿÿ           l = P<o=ÿ°<<  =  <                ®÷­!       FÏÿÿ           l = pFo0GÿÐFF  G  F           bØ BÖÛ®C®         S   ÿÿ         
æ   S °SðXSS  S  S          å ç   ¢×'¯®          )    ÿÿ         ìë   )  ð)ð x))   )   )          ë í     s¯Û®          *    ÿÿ         
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æ   S !°Sð!XSS ! S ! S          å ç   â×£°°!       ÿS¯: ÿÿ      F Œ à$¾  OTÿ:ÿU¿;ØUT : U ; U                 ï°W°         l #  ÿÿ          ìû   l #°lð#hll # l # l          û ý     ;±£°       ¡8¿&ÿÿ           5 Á8ß&ñ9ÿ'Y98 & 9 ' 9           ‚Ø    ‡±ï°         à  ÿÿ  èÿ      j1ä   € €Ð                        "×Ó±;±!       hOÏ%ÿÿ           l = ÈOo%ˆPÿ&(PO % P & P          ¢Ø ‚ز‡±      ÏG¿%ÿÿ           5 ïGß%Iÿ&‡HG % I & H           bØ  ÂØk²Ó±         Y (  ÿÿ         
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ê   [ +ð[ð+x[[ + [ + [          é ë     ³k²      Àn,  À         Æ/Õ  oÏ, p.Àno , p . n                  O³·²         Y /  ÿÿ        	 ìé   Y /ðYð/xYY / Y / Y          é ë     ›³³         &È/  ÿÿ  èÿ      j1ä   &h0€(¸0'& 0 ( 0 '                 B×ç³O³         .È/  ÿÿ  èÿ      j1ä   .h0€0¸0/. 0 0 0 /                 b×3´›³!       è Ï5ÿÿ           l = H!o5"ÿ6¨!! 5 " 6 !               ´ç³       €+4           Ž+ Ð+?50-ÿ6€,+ 5 - 6 ,                 Ë´3´          >  ÿÿ         ìã    >ðð>x >  >           ã å     µ´          >  ÿÿ          ìã    >ðð>x >  >           ã å     cµË´         & >  ÿÿ          ìã   & >ð&ð>x&& > & > &          ã å     ¯µµ         ' >  ÿÿ          ìã   ' >ð'ð>x'' > ' > '          ã å     ûµcµ         . >  ÿÿ          ìã   . >ð.ð>x.. > . > .          ã å     G¶¯µ         / >  ÿÿ          ìã   / >ð/ð>x// > / > /          ã å     “¶ûµ      @
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 ?  @                   ߶G¶         Z A  ÿÿ          ìç   Z A°ZðAXZZ A Z A Z          ç é     +·“¶         p A  ÿÿ          ìç   p A°pðAXpp A p A p          ç é     w·ß¶         Z B  ÿÿ          ìç   Z B°ZðBXZZ B Z B Z          ç é     ÷+·         p B  ÿÿ          ìç   p B°pðBXpp B p B p          ç é     ¸w·        BAÿÿ          ø*÷ PB/B°CÿC CB B C C C                   ÷    ÷      ÷÷ PB/B°CÿC CB B C C C                   [¸         p B  ÿÿ          ìç   p B°pðBXpp B p B p          ç é     §¸¸        BAÿÿ          ø*÷ PB/B°CÿC CB B C C C                   [¸                 [¸           [¸                  [¸ÿC CB B C C C                   ?¹ úã
    i    M      xÉÊË  ¦§íjkÍ«   ,þ  ·¸¹‹Š‹Š‹Š”•  ý  xþjkÍ«   i    yŠ‹Œ      ìíüý  x*+÷úûú÷÷öúûú÷÷Lûú÷÷Ì  Íåèé#$èéèåæçÍ«
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ììÉÊËÍ«   ¦§í  wìÍ«   jÍ«          þÿ  xìíì    í  í    ·¸¹‹”•Í«   Í    Í÷úûú÷úûú÷øùÍ«
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   xþÿþÿþÉÊË  ¦”í=÷úûú÷Lûû-.åéÿjkÍ«   õö÷úû-.ì  j}Í«   ãäÿ|}  xþ*+÷úûú÷úûú÷ã
             þ  Í«   ¦§íÚÛ    åéÍ«   Í    Íÿ  ÿþÿþÿ  ÿ  îïð  òó    	
·¸¹”•jk      x  ì  ì  ìí  “ìÚÛ*+÷÷-.í|}Í«   ,·¸¹”•ì  ÿjkÍ«   õ÷-.  |}  wììíìÚÛ·¸¹”•  õ
          ìíæçÍ«   xþìíìí*+÷û-.ìíì  Í    Í·¸¹Š‹Š‹”•é èåÉÊ˦§|}      xÿþÿþÿ  ÿþ  þìíìííþÿìÿÍ«
ÉÊ˦§þÿí|}Í«   ìí    jk  xþÿ  ÿìíÉÊ˦§    *¾
æèæç    ,þÿ*+÷ùÍ«   yŠ‹Š‹Š‹‹Š‹”•þ·¸¹Í    ÍÉÊËÍ«   ¦§*+÷úûúú÷-.|}    xjk      wí  íìíì  ìíìíìí  íìíì  å<=Í«	   A  	
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ì  ìíÍ«   êë  ãäååæçÍ«   wþ  }  Í    Í|}Í«   w  íìí|}Í«   wìjk    x|}      xÿ  jkÍ«   w  å    íìíþÿþÿþ  þÿþÿþÿþ  þÿþ  þÿþÿíÿÉÊËÍ«   ãþ  þÿ    ·¸¹  õö÷÷øùÍ«   xìjk  Í    ÍjkÍ«   xþÿþÿÍ«   	
  |}    wjk      wíì|}Í«   w  *+÷-.    ÿ  ÿìììíìíìíìíì  ìíìíìíì  ìí    jkÍ«    õ-.      í    ÉÊË    ìí  üýÍ«   xþ|}  Í    Í|}Í«   w  í  íåèéè  jk    wjk      x  þ|}Í«   w  ·¸¹Š‹Š‹Š‹Š”íìíì  ìíìí  íìí  íìíìí  íìíjkÍ«    ·¸¹Š‹”•  jk      yŠ”•      ywìjk  Í    ÍjkÍ«   xþÿþÿ*+÷úûú-.þ|}    x|}      wþ  jkÍ«   w  ÉÊË"4"4"4  y‹Š‹Š‹Š‹Š‹Š‹Š‹Š‹Š‹Š‹Š‹Š‹Œ  ãäèéèåèéèåèéè
èæçÍ«   ,ÉÊË    ¦§  |}    UUU¦§i}    yxìjk  Í    Í|}Í«   wìíì  ìíìíìí  íìjk    wjk      xÿþ|}Í«   wí|}Í« "Í«   ,÷úûú÷úûú÷úûú úøùÍ«   
|}Í«   x  jk    U{U  xj}þ  ywþ  }  Í    ÍjkÍ«   xþÿþÿþÿþ  þÿþ  þ|}    x|}      wþ  jkÍ«   x  jk4"4"4"4"4Í«   yŠ”•·¸¹‹”•·¸¹”•¸¹•êÍ«
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ì|}  Í    ÍÍ«+   wþ|}Í«	 "Í«   ¦§ÉÊË  ¦§ÉÊ˦§Ê˧ͫ   ?œ
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    j}Í«   x  íìíìí  íìíìíìíìíì  |}  Í    ÍÍ«+   wì*+ûú÷öúûúûNOP    HIJÍ«   QRSú ûú÷÷úû-.|}Í«   xí  ·¸¹Š‹Š‹”•¸¹Š‹Í«   w    þÿþÿþÿþ  þ  þÿþ  þþ|}  Í    ÍÍ«+   wþíìÍ«   þíì  ab    Z[\Í«   cdÿ  íìí  íìíìÍ«   jkÍ«   w  þÉÊËÍ«   ¦§ÊËÍ«   x  íì  ìíìíìíìíìíìíììjk  Í    ÍÍ«+   xìíÍ«   ìí  ÿstrrlmnÍ« ruv  þÿþÿþÿþ  þÍ«   jkÍ«   w    |}Í«   x}Í«   x    þÿþÿþ  þÿþÿ  ÿþÿþþ|}  Í    ÍÍ«+   wþÍ«   þ  þìí?efefefefefef>íÿì    íìíìíìí      |}Í«   xÿ  jkÍ«   wkÍ«   w  íìí  íìíìíìÍ«   í  ìjk  Í    Í« ÍÍ«“   öÍ«8  ¶ÝÍ«   ºÝÍ«*   ®ÝÍ«c   ²ÝÍ«‘   ®Ý    ºÝÍ«"   ºÝÍ«   ºÝÍ«   . Í«u   - Í«    ¾ÝÍ«‘   ÂÝÍ«v   ¾Ý    ¾ÝÍ«   ÂÝÍ«[   ÆÝÍ«   ¾ÝÍ«   ÂÝÍ«	   ÂÝ  ÂÝÍ«   > Í«K    Í«3   ÂÝÍ«   ÂÝ      ÂÝÍ«	   bcÍ«   AUAVÍ«   %8%9Í«&   Í«	   ¾ÝÍ«   CCÍ«   ÊÝÍ«    Í«†   ÂÝ      ÂÝÍ«    Í«(   > Í«T   ÂÝ  ÂÝÍ«   > Í«¶   > > Í«e   D Í«e   ÆÝÍ«Á   Í«  ²Ý®ÝÍ«’   ºÝÍ«
   ºÝÍ«^   ®ÝÍ«!   .   ÎÝÍ«    Í«   - Í«   C Í«&   - Í«    N Í«   ºÝÍ«   - Í«   ÎÝÍ«n    Í«   ÎÝÍ«   ºÝÍ«,   C Í«3   L     ÂÝÍ«{   ÒÝÍ«   ÂÝÍ«
   M Í«   ÎÝÍ«   ºÝÍ«    ºÝÍ«2    Í«   ÂÝÍ«+    Í«    Í«Š   ÎÝÍ«U   :;Í«   ºÝÍ«   ÎÝÍ«   ÂÝÂÝÖÝÂÝÂÝ  ÂÝÍ«   Í«   ºÝÍ«Œ    Í«’    Í«Ž   < Í«´   Í«Ó  ÖÝÍ«j   . Í«&   ÖÝÍ«d   ÎÝÍ«   ²ÝÍ«x   ÎÝÊÝÎÝÍ«    Í«   N Í«f   ÎÝÍ«š   @ @ Í«x   ¾ÝÍ«%   ÚÝ  ÚÝ  ÚÝ  ÚÝ  ÚÝÍ«b   ¾ÝÞݾÝÍ«   ¾ÝÍ«8   ?ŒÍ«;   ¾Ý    ¾ÝÍ«)   ²ÝÍ«
   M      Í«:   ®ÝÍ«D   æÝæÝæÝÍ«S   ¾ÝÍ«   ¾ÝÍ«   ®ÝÍ«
    Í«¸   ®ÝÍ«:   ¾ÝÍ«   D Í«[   @ @ Í«:   ÚÝÍ«   Í« ÎÝÍ«   ÂÝ  ºÝÍ«   ÞÝÍ«    Í«   @ @ Í«W   ÎÝ    ÎÝÍ«   ÞÝÍ«   - Í«6   Í« ÎÝÍ«   ÚÝÍ«   ÎÝ    ÎÝÍ«   ºÝ  ÂÝÍ«   ÞÝÍ«B   ÎÝ    ÎÝÍ«5   ºÝ&'ºÝÍ«   ÖÝÍ«
   L Í«B   ÎÝ    ÎÝÍ«   ÚÝÍ«*   ÂÝ  ºÝÍ«	    Í«   C€CÍ«4   ºÝŠ‹ºÝÍ«a   BwBxÍ«   " Í«   L Í«
   - Í«   ÚÝÍ«*   ºÝ  ÂÝÍ«—    Í«)    Í«4   ÚÝÍ«
    Í«   ÂÝ  ºÝÍ«T   B*Í«   : Í«   êÝÍ«$    Í«0   ¾Ý  ¾Ý  ¾Ý  ¾Ý  ¾ÝÍ«"   ÚÝÍ«3    Í«    Í«¶   êÝÍ«(   ÚÝÍ«×    Í«…       Í«Y   îÝòÝöÝÍ«D    Í«M   3 4 Í«Õ    Í«g    Í«   ÂÝ  L Í«    Í«   ÂÝÍ«x    Í«    Í«   ÂÝÍ«   ¶ÝÍ«9   ÚݺÝÚݺÝÚݺÝÍ«,    Í«
   ¾Ý¾Ý¾ÝÍ«   úÝ    ¶ÝÍ«8   Í« ÚÝÍ«9   ÂÝÍ«
   ¾ÝÖݾÝÍ«   æÝúÝ  ¶ÝÍ«8   ºÝÚݺÝÚݺÝÚݺÝÚݺÝÍ«
   . Í«;   ¾Ý¾Ý¾ÝÍ«   úÝÍ«;   Í«	 ÚÝÍ«‰   ºÝÚݺÝÚݺÝÚݺÝÚݺÝÍ«   ÖÝÍ«Ž   êÝÍ«  îÝòÝöÝÍ«’        4 Í«         @e_Pÿÿ     èÿ   Œ	Š  €eQpfÿRøee Q f R e        4       "ÖS¨         @\H              V                                ô×)  âÖŸ¨¨       H€°
ÿÿ ³ÿøÿýÿüÿ  ¤$¼  ˜€ x@€                     ë¨S¨         
   ÿÿ          ìå   

          å ç     7©Ÿ¨         Y              7¯  pY \ÀZY  \  Z                  ƒ©ë¨	                    ä G @°ÿø                       Ï©7©         B   ÿÿ          ìå   B °BðXBB  B  B          å ç     ªƒ©         "   ÿÿ          ìå   " °"ðX""  "  "          å ç     gªÏ©         G   ÿÿ          ìå   G °GðXGG  G  G          å ç     ³ªª         H   ÿÿ          ìå   H °HðXHH  H  H          å ç     ÿªgª            ÿÿ          ìû    °ðh              û ý     K«³ª        kO           :4„ PkŸ0lÿÀkk  l  k                  —«ÿª         Ž   ÿÿ          ìï  àÀ`@ Ž    Ž         
 ï ñ     ã«K«	        S            ä G @S°TÿøSS  T  S                   /¬—«         Ž   ÿÿ          ìï  àÀ`@  Ž     Ž         
 ï ñ     {¬ã«        0ÿÿÿ           ¶!r €0?  2!@10   2 ! 1                  Ǭ/¬          "             7¯  p #À   #           "        ­{¬        _O!           :4„ P_Ÿ!0`ÿ"À__ ! ` " _                  _­Ç¬         l%ÿÿ           â1R lf%pm–&Àll % m & l                   «­­         m&ÿÿ           â1R mf&pn–'Àmm & n ' m                   ÷­_­         n'            â1R nf'po–(Ànn ' o ( n                   C®«­         k )  ÿÿ          ìø  @k@)°k°)xkk ) k ) k          ø ú     ®÷­!       °f¯3ÿÿ       D Âà$¾   gÿ3°h¿4Øgg 3 h 4 g                  Û®C®       àn¿7            5  oß70pÿ8˜oo 7 p 8 o            BÖ    '¯®         \ :             7¯  p\ 7_;À]\ 7 _ ; ]          :        s¯Û®          <  ÿÿ         ìé    <ðð<x <  <           é ë     ¿¯'¯         Ž <  ÿÿ         
ê   Ž <ðŽð<xŽŽ < Ž < Ž          é ë     °s¯	       ”P   „     ä G ÔPDRŒ€ P  R €                   W°¿¯          =  ÿÿ         
ê    =ðð=x =  =           é ë     £°°         Ž =  ÿÿ          
ê   Ž =ðŽð=xŽŽ = Ž = Ž          é ë     ï°W°          o Aÿÿ            7¯  po >rBÀpo > r B p          A        ;±£°!       ‘8¯Iÿÿ     øÿ, à$¾  á8ÿI‘:¿J¹98 I : J 9                  ‡±ï°         - F  ÿÿ        ! 
õ  @-@F°-°Fx-- F - F -          ô ö     Ó±;±          |F           â1R |fFp}–GÀ|| F } G |                   ²‡±         ~I          !  2S ~fIp–JÀ~~ I  J ~                   ³Ó±         ƒK            â1R ƒfKp„–LÀƒƒ K „ L ƒ                   O³²         „ N          !  7¯  p„ K‡OÀ…„ K ‡ O …          N        µ³       ¤a¿P         "  /ï DbïP„cÿRäbb P c R b                ÂÖcµO³        AZÿÿ           Þ&É  AZpAßZ8AA Z A Z A                     µ         YP            â1R YfPpZ–QÀYY P Z Q Y                   Ë´3´         _Pÿÿ           â1R _fPp`–QÀ__ P ` Q _                   µ´       „c¿P            0/ï $dïPdeÿRÄdd P e R d                ÂÖcµË´        AZÿÿ           Þ&É  AZpAßZ8AA Z A Z A                     µ      ûµcµ         _Pÿÿ           â1R _fPp`–QÀ__ P ` Q _                   G¶¯µ       `d¿P           /ï  eïP@fÿR ee P f R e                ד¶ûµ        AZÿÿ           Þ&É  AZpAßZ8AA Z A Z A                     G¶
It has Keen standing to the immediate right of a stunned Super Duper (for some reason, the stars are missing above its head). If Keen walks left, as soon as he passes the stunned Super Duper, the game crashes 100% of the time with the "Null pointer assignment" error.

Re: Updated- 'The Ruin of Roib' - beta v3

Posted: Wed May 22, 2019 20:59
by K1n9_Duk3

Code: Select all


#fix bad jump address in KeenContact - contacting object type 17 (foot)
#is not supposed to end the level in this mod?
%patch $CCBC $158w

#fix bad jump address after spawning ground-based Roich in ScanInfoPlane
%patch $EAD0 $032Bw

#fix bad jump address after spawning the boss(?) in ScanInfoPlane
%patch $EB58 $02A3w

#fix bad jump table entries for ScanInfoPlane (info values 80-82)
%patch $EF23 $50Dw $50Dw $50Dw

#fix offset for calling the function to spawn speech bubble #4
%patch $F767 $1080086Erl

#restore messed up SD_PlaySound call in Dopefish/boss contact function
%patch $12408 $9A $187409F1rl

#convert far call in PlatformThink into a near jump (the old call jumps into the
#middle of another function, corrupting registers SI and DI on return)
%patch $117C7 $E9 $FD9Aw $90 $90

#fix bad function address for Slop's contact function in the initial state
%patch $3103A $2EE7421Frl

#turn bad function address into NULL pointer (the state SHOULD be unused anyway)
%patch $31B3A 0l

#turn crashed superduper's obclass into 'stunned object' when loading a game
%patch $6060
	$83 $3F $13		#	cmp	[bx], 13h
	$75 $08			#	jnz	skip
	$C7 $07 $0021w		#	mov	[bx], 21h
	$EB $EA			#	jmp	clear_temp3
	$90 $90			#	nop nop
#This overwrites the code that would clear the sprite pointers for the platform
#thrusters, but they don't exist in Roib, so it's safe to overwrite that code.
#Note that this doesn't fix the bug. It just allows you to load "corrupted"
#saves and continue playing from that point.

#make superduper change its obclass to 'stunned object' when it hits the ground
# new (near) subroutine to change state and obclass (si is obj, ax is new state)
%patch $11ED7			#seg012:04B7
	$50			#	push	ax
	$56			#	push	si
	$9A $09DC120Arl		#	call	ChangeState
	$83 $C4 $04		#	add	sp, 4
	$C7 $04 $0021w		#	mov	[si], 21h
	$C3			#	retn

# call new subroutine to change to crashed superduper state
%patch $12002
	$E8 $FED2w		#	call	SetStunnedState
	$90 $90 $90 $90		#	nop nop nop nop
	$90 $90 $90		#	nop nop nop
%patch $1206A
	$E8 $FE6Aw		#	call	SetStunnedState
	$90 $90 $90 $90		#	nop nop nop nop
	$90 $90 $90		#	nop nop nop

# restore some of the error messages

#RF_PlaceSprite: No free spots in spritearray!
%patch $2EF8F "RF_PlaceSprite: No free spots in spritearray!" 0
%patch $17C1B $011Fw

#RF_PlaceSprite: Placed an uncached sprite:
%patch $2EFBD "RF_PlaceSprite: Placed an uncached sprite:" 0
%patch $17C88 $014Dw
Add this at the bottom of your ROIB.PAT file (before the line with the "%end" command) and let me know if it still crashes.

Re: Updated- 'The Ruin of Roib' - beta v3

Posted: Thu May 23, 2019 10:48
by Snortimer
K1n9_Duk3 wrote:
Wed May 22, 2019 20:59
Add this at the bottom of your ROIB.PAT file (before the line with the "%end" command) and let me know if it still crashes.
Thank you, incredible work, this seems to have fixed the crashing issues! :potter

I tested it with my save file and it plays normally now. Also, the stars have reappeared above the stunned Super Duper.

I also played through the last level until the end of the game and that seems fine as well (there's a few frames of gibberish that appear after Keen reaches the computer panel at the very end of the last level, but that might've been there before, and in any case it doesn't prevent the final story screens from showing up)

Actually, that "foot" you edited is the "computer panel" at the end of the game. What did you change there exactly?

I haven't played through every level again, of course. I do remember in the first "city" level there was some bug that caused me to exit the level after I touched something; maybe that has been fixed, too.

In any case, this patched version should certainly be added to the KeenWiki! For now, I've simply added a new section at the bottom with instructions for what to do: ... in_of_Roib

There's probably still that bug where enemies sometimes seem to be able to shoot through walls if they're thin ones, but it doesn't make the game unbeatable I think.

Although in all honesty, I'm not sure the game is actually "fairly" beatable in any case. Personally I found the last level, the palace (particularly that room with the plants) and the final boss battle impossible to beat without using God Mode (I found that machine simply too fast to outrun for very long).

Re: Updated- 'The Ruin of Roib' - beta v3

Posted: Thu May 23, 2019 20:55
by K1n9_Duk3
Snortimer wrote:
Thu May 23, 2019 10:48
Actually, that "foot" you edited is the "computer panel" at the end of the game. What did you change there exactly?
As the comments in the patch script say, I fixed a bad jump address. The old code used to jump into the middle of a CPU instuction, which could cause all kinds of issues (because the CPU treats the bytes from the middle of that instruction as if they were the beginning of a completely different CPU instruction). I wasn't sure if this affected the foot/console, but now I know that the console doesn't use type 17 (it uses type 0), so the branch with the bad jump address was probably never executed in the game. Still, it's best to fix that, just in case.

There are still lots of minor bugs in the ROIB code, but none of them should cause any obvious crashes, so I didn't bother fixing them.

Re: Updated- 'The Ruin of Roib' - beta v3

Posted: Fri May 24, 2019 20:46
by Nisaba
Hail to the K1n9!!!
The Duk3 is just an incredible phenomenon. awesome patch fixes
Snortimer wrote:
Thu May 23, 2019 10:48
In any case, this patched version should certainly be added to the KeenWiki! For now, I've simply added a new section at the bottom with instructions for what to do: ... in_of_Roib
I surely can upload an updated version of this mod. before I do so I'd like to make sure that there aren't any unpleasant side effects or patching conflicts of some sort. So I'd be super helpful if someone could just playtested those not missing levels.
Also @Snortimer: you've talked to Bernie recently, didn't you?! If you could, please ask him if he's ok with us uploading a fixed version of his mod...

Re: Updated- 'The Ruin of Roib' - beta v3

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 19:13
by Nisaba
been there, done that