My First Mod: Save Spot!

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Post by Lunick »

The levels are so brilliantly designed :p
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Post by Grandy02 »

@KeenRush: Thank you, I feel honoured! You're right, the only major difference to your beta is that there are proper title and ending graphics now, hope you'll check them out, too! :)
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Post by KeenRush »

Played it through today. Looks great. :) I'm glad to read that you're going to make another mod.
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Re: My First Mod: Save Spot!

Post by wolfcub7 »

Cute story and end goal, I love it. And looks beautiful. I only wish you'd modded this from episode 4, 5 and/or 6. Still, I'm going to try and finish this one now that I've started. Spot has always been my favourite Keen character and I don't want to leave him abducted. ^^

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