Keen 1-3 level editing in Tiled [Beta]

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Dr. Kylstein
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Keen 1-3 level editing in Tiled [Beta]

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Install a recent daily build of Tiled if you don't already have one. (The stable version has some bugs that prevent this plugin from working.) Then go to and click the download zip option, then extract the files directly to wherever Tiled keeps its python files on your system ("~/.tiled" on Linux). You may need to add the property named "_script_" with the value "keen" to new levels.

Switches might not work right, I think everything else should be ok. Ask questions and report anything that doesn't seem to work, because I started this last year and forgot a lot of things, and I haven't been modding lately.

Edit: There must be a #TIL0000.bmp in the directory with the levels you open. This plug in doesn't read the graphics files directly.

Edit again: For making a new level, in addition to the custom map property, there must be one tile layer and one object layer (names don't matter). I forget how the objects are defined, but if you use an existing level as a guide, those properties should work.

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