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Re: Reflection Keen (ports of Keen Dreams and all 3D Catacombs)

Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 21:24
by NY00123
It is time for another release.

The most significant change, which is relevant for some Catacombs titles, is probably a port of (recreated) DEMOCAT.EXE/HINTCAT.EXE executables. That's right, access to the slides of the Electronic Catalog and the Hint Books is now available. This is based on recreated code for DOS, which I uploaded to this repository:

Note that unlike the situation under DOS, you can't directly send anything in the Electronic Catalog to a printer, but that's probably expected.

If any of you had the issue of an unexpectedly low framerate on Android, hopefully it's resolved in this release. This was previously a side-effect of high audio latencies. Unfortunately, due to the way things are working in the last release, there may be some sound stutters. In case of a problem, see the README for a few details on the "sndinterthreadbufferratio" setting.

[A summary of technical details: The main thread is now responsible for the game's timing, as well as generating audio samples (which is somewhat tied to the timing). This thread merely passes the samples to an SDL audio callback thread, which was previously responsible for the rest.]

Further note that you might fail to find external files like egahead.kdr (originally present in kdreams.exe) being written anywhere. That's because they're not anymore: Once you start, for instance, a game of Keen Dreams v1.13, egahead.kdr is loaded right from kdreams.exe. In case you're wondering, yes, kdreams.exe is packed, so it gets temporarily unpacked transparently, in memory.

Again, the README has the change log, and the git repository has a more detailed log.

See the first post for downloads (or GitHub link). You should find the README over there.