Atroxian Realm (Version 1.2 Released)

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Atroxian Realm (Version 1.2 Released)

Post by Gridlock »

Commander Keen: Atroxian Realm (v1.2)

Release trailer:

You will need DosBox to play this mod. Run via AREALM.exe. No further files or setup are needed.
Tip: On Windows, simply drag AREALM.exe onto the DosBox desktop shortcut to play.
On Mac, you will need to mount to the proper directory. See ... 8113608289

Please Read!!!
Easy mode is recommended for non-experienced players.
Full screen is highly recommended for the best experience. By default, press ALT-ENTER in DosBox to enter/exit full screen.
Please take a look at the help section story. You can access this by pressing F1.
It is recommended you save your game frequently on the world map. Though crashes/freezes are rare, they may occur.
If you experience crashes, freezes, or instances in which music will not play in levels, please report this. It is difficult to gage how the game will play on different systems.
Please report bugs, problems, and other recommendations here.

Version 1.2 ...

Version 1.1 ... JRDBbyt25P

Version 1.0 ...

Version 1.2 with source code ...

Version 1.0 with source code / development files ...

Keenwiki mirror:

Official Soundtrack (MIDI and IMF) ...

Official Soundtrack Plus Extras (MIDI, IMF, Bonus tracks, Alternate Versions, MP3s) ...

At long last, after five and half years, I can finally make this post. :pogo Thank you all for your patience, and I hope you enjoy.

This game is by no means perfect, but it's the product of years of hard work from many people. I think I can say this is the largest Keen mod that's been made to date.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback. I'll probably do a few updates to fix any major problems that might pop up. In particular, let me know if you find anything in the level design that you think might benefit from something like a difficulty reduction, more ammo, etc. I'll take all suggestions into consideration. Furthermore, future releases might include a few extra bits of story art that weren't finished in time for this release.

I may be releasing additional materials in the future. I plan on doing a soundtrack release with the audio files. I also want to share an extras folder containing various development files and older versions of the game. Since some of you may be interested, I will try to get the source code files out as well.

You can listen to the soundtrack on Youtube here: ... MdKZHDfH-s

Creator: Gridlock
Programming: Lemm
Music Composition: Gamebird
Additional Music Composition and Editing: Gridlock
Story Images: T-Squared
Main Testing: Fleex
Additional Testing: Keenfan, T-Squared, Gamebird, Lemm
Early Build Patching: Lemm, Levellass
Programming Support: Fleex
Engine Programing: NY00123, Andy Durdin, Lemm, David Gow
Tools Support: Lemm, Levellass, Fleex, Mink
Artwork Contributions: Bubbatom, Ceilick, T-Squared, Gamebird, Mobiethian, Tulip, Preston, Fantomx, Doomjedi, Grimson, Szemi

Let me know if I missed your name and I'll add it.

Special thanks at lemm and T-Squared for helping me get this out the door in the last few months.
For more special thanks and information, consult the Help section titled "About AR" (press F1 to access this menu).

Thanks :)
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Post by Fleexy »

Yaows! I am honored to have been a part of such a great production.
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Post by T-Squared »

Same here. I loved re-interpreting the designs of the characters and scenery with more detail and use of color. There's a delight in seeing high-resolution versions of characters when most of the time they're shown as lo-res inch-high representations of themselves.

Take Crash Bandicoot for example. The intro and ending of every game are the only times you see the characters with more detailing without being bolted to an on-tracks-camera system. the rest of the time they're either facing away from you or the details, like Crash's mohawk, are blocky, jagged textures.
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Post by lemm »


I started work on this back in 2011 or 2012... I can't even remember, it's been so long. Back then, we were patching in assembly.

Last summer, I decided to throw all of that out so that we could make use of NY's Keen Dreams tech demo. I eventually ended up reverse-compiling the Terminator and Star Wars screens as well as porting the Omnispeak code back to DOS. That took about a month, IIRC. After that, I wrote behaviours for all of the creatures. Overall, it was much more pleasant than writing assembly by hand, although there were still some bugs that had to be tracked down with the debugger. Anyway, we'll be releasing the source code and the development files so that you can make your own AR levels or even submit patches if you find errors.

I really like the music and the level design in this mod. I think it has the most intricate level design of any Galaxy mod ever made. You'll definitely get your money's worth with this one!
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Post by Levellass »

Mark this day, it is the end of an era and birth of a new one. Patches are no longer necessary, source code modding begins. I and other patchers did absolutely nothing in this mod, instead a shiny new generation of keeners came together to make something spectacular.

And I don't have the time to play it... oh cruel fate!
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Post by Roobar »

Congratulation to all who make this happen! Can't wait to play it...
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Post by Benvolio »

I've pretty much checked PCKF every day since 2011 largely awaiting this day... so I had declared this weekend to be a weekend of pure study. But I guess that's no longer going to be the case...

So I've just introduced myself to the game and oh my goodness this is something else. I need not list out all the aspects of the game that get a 10/10. In particular the graphics in the story are stunningly realised with a truly professional-level understanding of colour far beyond that of anyone who was making video games in 1991. I am intrigued by the re-playability of BWB megarocket with its perpetual 10 Ammo each time... it will remain to be seen how much the challenges ahead necessitate this!
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Post by szemi »

Played this game.

I have to say it's definitely one of the best productions from you, man! And it's 2016's first Keen 4 mod. *claps* I also love the checkpoint idea. Moreover, I like the other new features as well like the status screen. I also like the musics, because those fit the levels. And glad to see 25 levels in the game!

Levels: 10/10

Graphics: 10/10

Conceptions: 10/10

Musics: 10/10

Overall: 10/10, because this long waiting clearly proved that it's absolutely a quality-project in my eyes. As for you Gridlock, I knew from the start you won't give up this project.
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Post by Nisaba »

well now, what an revolutionary step. source code modding, source code modding, source code modding. spectacular!
I think I joint this community at the right moment.

and like wviin said: Congratulation to all who make this happen! Can't wait to play it...
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Post by Roobar »

I like the idea of the scrolling text to be displayed right after you start the new game. I once thought of that and I'm glad to see it implemented. That way it makes much more sense and will be seen from everyone. Keen 7, 8 and 9 also need to implement this feature! Ceilick, please?

And at the beginning, the character you're talking to that gets you into the story and your goals: Very well done.

So far it is even exceeding my expectations. Back on playing it...

Lol this one looks like it came out from Star Wars :)
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Post by szemi »

wiivn wrote:Keen 7, 8 and 9 also need to implement this feature! Ceilick, please?
I support the idea!
Yeah, piece of cake!
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Post by NY00123 »

Finally, after all of these years, it's out.

I can't say I've done a lot for this mod. Technically, though, I can tell that by combining about half of the Catacomb 3-D sources with another half of Keen Dreams, you can get a Keen Dreams EXE which is technically closer to Keen 4-6 (although the differences aren't as great as, say, between Keen 1-3 and Dreams). As previously explained, this hybrid codebase, along with Omnispeak code and more RE'd code, is what lemm used as a base.

Clearly, I should try this soon. (As a side-note, I already tried two earlier demo releases of AR.)
Levellass wrote:I and other patchers did absolutely nothing in this mod, instead a shiny new generation of keeners came together to make something spectacular.
I'm sure you've had your part. At the least, both lemm and you have been involved with patching. And let's not forget the modding tools!
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Post by Dynamo »

Congratulations on releasing this, I look forward to playing it (already beat a few levels), and I also hope this release will finally make this community more active: now that these new modding tools are available it would be a pity to make it all go to waste by not having any new mods coming out, would it not?
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Post by Bubbatom »

I'll have a quick squiz at this project now. It was a pleasure contributing to AR, I think everyone poured their heart and soul into this one!

A big weight off the shoulders I imagine Gridlock?

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Post by Bernie »

hey its pretty good ;) thank god for those checkpoints!
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