Keendroid Undergound (Minimod)

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Re: Keendroid Undergound (Minimod)

Post by Keening_Product » Sat Mar 18, 2017 0:09

Commander Spleen wrote:
Fri Mar 17, 2017 10:33
Keening_Product wrote:I was playing using the browser version where Alt doesn't work
I'm used to Alt having no immediate effect until you hold it and press an actual associated menu letter. Think I read somewhere on Facebook that you are using Vivaldi, which does appear to bring up a menu on Alt-press and captures Alt-right as "Back". Still seems to interfere with Alt in full screen, so maybe reassigning the keys or using another browser for this purpose is the only way in that case. Chromium, Firefox and Opera have been fine for me so far. I'll start adding some notes to the page template for others who might encounter problems such as this.
Oh, as simple as that. Thank you! I'll try another browser when I get the chance :)
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