Galaxy Defender. This time for real

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Re: Galaxy Defender. This time for real

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Wow, this is really cool. It's crazy, the kinds of things you guys are building with the Keen engine... I'd love to see this turned into a longer game.
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Re: Galaxy Defender. This time for real

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I'm late in getting to this mod, but this is a really neat concept! The controls and enemy placement are challenging, but the premise fits nicely with the Keen universe. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you do with it. Thanks for making this!

Oh, and this is a super vague "what if" kind of idea, but it might be cool to implement some kind of gameplay mode like this for the full Atroxian Realm sequel (if I end up doing it). I'm curious what it would be like to have a full Keen game that mixes in space-shooter style gameplay.
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