Play Commander Keen in a Web Browser

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Play Commander Keen in a Web Browser

Post by jamesfmackenzie »

After a few weeks on/off work, I’ve successfully ported Chocolate Keen to the Web Browser!

You can play it it at

Traditional Keen controls apply (Arrows to move, Ctrl to jump, Alt for Pogo, Ctrl+Alt for Raygun)

Massive thanks to original authors NY00123, QuantumG and Lemm. The vast majority of the work is theirs

You can find the source code and learn more over on GitHub

Enjoy! :garg :dead2

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Re: Play Commander Keen in a Web Browser

Post by Benvolio »

This is cool, dark-cyan (?teal) border and all. The pc speaker sounds sound very crisp and shrill (I compared dosbox original Keen1 through same headphones). This sounds more like original hardware rather than the softer sounds we are used to nowadays. It opens on my phone but sadly I don't know how to input keystrokes to actually play. I think years ago I saw some sort of browser-based Keen1, but this seems to work better!

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Re: Play Commander Keen in a Web Browser

Post by MoffD »

I'm a sucker for this type of thing, great work everyone involved!
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Re: Play Commander Keen in a Web Browser

Post by Zilem »

I've used JS-Dos for a while:
Co-op - Cyan
Co-op - Spot
Co-op - Paige

It's a small 74kb javascript, that lets your web-browser (Firefox) run a Dosbox Emulator, not perfect there is some faults
mainly the loud noise on load...

It's not as good as the one hosted on their website or the one you showed @Jamesfmackenzie
but it's easy to get working without Linus or Programming knowledge

If there were another as hassle free to setup but better, i probably would consider it Image
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