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Re: Keen Dreams 2: Another Helping of Veggies

Posted: Sat Dec 21, 2019 13:20
by Grandy02
Neat mod, it's nice to see something new for Keen Dreams again. :)
szemi wrote: Sat Nov 23, 2019 17:47 Anyway, if you find further strange things in the game like glitch, bug or something else, post here.
I noticed the following things.

The text of the paper read by Keen in Fort Tuberia is incomplete.

In the Royal Residence, the game can be finished by only destroying Boobus Tuber. Keen can simply go past Bustling Tuberina thanks to the tunnel under her. The defeat of Boobus triggers the ending even if his wife is still bustling about.

Also, if Keen is at the right edge of the level and then killed by Boobus Tuber, Keen "completes" the level. It's a bug inherited from the original game, but in case of the Royal Residence, the game becomes unfinishable without cheats afterwards. In Keen Dreams, a wall in Boobus' Chamber prevents that.

The bug in the level Blueberry Hill still exists, as described by Plasma Captain. It's not directly related to the door, see the screenshot above. From there Keen can jump through the ceiling.

Re: Keen Dreams 2: Another Helping of Veggies

Posted: Sun Dec 22, 2019 0:19
by szemi
I'll jump into the problems!

@Grandy02: Queen Bustling Tuberina is not required to beat, it's an optional boss if you want +100,000 points along with King Boobus.


- on the loading screen the version number is now 1.1
- Mortimer has been removed from level 12 and his text has been sacrificed in favour of fixing the incomplete text bug in level 8
- Keen can no longer jump through in Blueberry Hill level
- additional wall added in the boss level

Note: Download link and the zip filename is the same, except some files have been updated.