The Earth Implodes

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The Earth Implodes

Post by Benvolio »

Hello all, I hope you are keeping well.

I'm not sure to what extent interest still exists for the humble Keen1 mod.

Nevertheless, here's one which I've made in the past two months or so, please check it out and let me know what you think.

Yes it's a bit challenging in parts but hopefully overall it's adequately balanced in its difficulty, if not for a beginner player, at least for the average Keen player.

And yes the SGA thing is a bit of a gimmick, probably quite annoying... but it looks cool which is all that matters!

Click here to learn more on the Workbench.

Or just click here for the download link.

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Re: The Earth Implodes

Post by Roobar »

This year explodes in mods compared to the last one! Well done! Looks dope for a 2 month mod. The higher difficulty drives me a little back, not gonna lie. But will check it anyways.

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Re: The Earth Implodes

Post by Keening_Product »

Far out that title screen is cool.
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