The Great Galaxy-Mod Bug Hunt 2020

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Re: The Great Galaxy-Mod Bug Hunt 2020

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Nisaba wrote: Sun Jan 24, 2021 8:46Like K1n9_Duk3 already mentioned, there is a limit of characters per line. If expanded the game gives an error message. So your level name shouldn't exceed the maximum width of X characters in order to be displayed properly. In other words, when a text window is given a line of text too wide for it, the message "US_CPrintLine() - String exceeds width" occurs.
No, that's not the actual problem. "US_CPrintLine() - String exceeds width" means that the width (in pixels!) of the graphical representation of the string (using the currently selected font) exceeds the width (again, in pixels) of the text box in which the string should be centered. This has nothing to do with the amount of characters in that line, at least not directly.

The only reason why this causes an error is that John Carmack, John Romero or Jason Blochowiak wanted it to. The team had a policy of making even minor errors quit to DOS to force each other to fix those issues right away.

The rest of what Nisaba wrote about changing level names and messages is correct. I wrote a program that could be fed all of the level name and entry strings and it would automatically merge any duplicate strings and spit out a set of heavily optimized patches. I used that program when I revised the patch file for The Alphamatic to support up to 50 levels instead of just 25. I won't be releasing that program to the public, though. As I mentioned elsewhere, people shouldn't be making new Galaxy mods via patching to begin with. These problems are easily avoided when compiling from the source code.
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